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January 27, 2021



Glad to hear your dad is doing better and has had his vaccine! Wow, that quilt is going to be beautiful and you will be busy for awhile!!! Love baskets and this will be a challenge to it 😍


What a beautiful quilt! I look forward to watching your progress. And thanks for the heads up on the half square triangle papers - it is always nice to get a review since there are so many on the market. Have a good day! 😊


This will be stunning for sure. You are going to have a wonderful collection of red/white quilts!


Don't you just love starting a project that you know will be so worth it in the end? Enjoy the making of each hst! It will be beautiful!

Pam D

This is going to be LOVELY!!! One suggestion when using the triangle paper. Before pressing and tearing off the paper, using your rotary cutter, cut off your "dog ear" corners on the lines marked on the paper. Goes very fast.


I love basket quilts but that is TGE BASKET QUILT OF BASKET QUILTS! It will be stunning in those fabrics. Can’t wait to see it.....

Robby H.

Good news about your dad. Also good news you've found a new project to enjoy for a prolonged time. As you say, where are we going these days?! Wishing you safe travels, weather or not.


Oh how fun!! Great to be excited about making a particular quilt. Pretty sure the timing of the magazine article means it was meant to be. That quilt will be special to you because of your son's gift. Glad to hear your dad is on the mend and tolerating the vaccine.

Shelley Bourne

So nice to find this perfect pattern for your fabrics from your son! I find that 92 !/2 " finished is barely large enough for a queen bed now that the mattresses are so thick. But it looks like a wider outside border would easily make this finished quilt a great size without having to make any extra rows of baskets.

Debbie R.

That is an awesome quilt, and well worth all the effort -- and the use of your beautiful fabric. Thanks for the demo on the triangle papers. Looks like a miracle to me, to have perfectly accurate HSTs that easily. Glad to hear that your father is doing well. Take care!

Mary Kastner

The quilt is going to be beautiful. That is quite an undertaking for sure. I love French General,fabric. It is always a favorite for me. Enjoy the process!

T Holzer

This quilt will so be worth your effort, Nicole!

Nancy Watkins

Good choice of patterns. Always love a basket!


You make such beautiful quilts. I'm sure this one will be beautiful also! To me, starting a big project like that is kind of like starting a Jbig, thick book that you already know you will love. Lots of hours of enjoyment.


Happy to read that your dad's health is improving! No side effects from his first vaccination is great news! Sometimes flipping through a new issue of a quilting magazine brings a surprise perfect project! Thanks for another clear demo of a technique. That method for HST's looks very do-able for me! Stay well!

Lisa D.

That basket quilt is going to be so beautiful with your French General reds, and it will be so special because your son gifted you the fabrics. I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing ok, I wish him well.


Just 64 baskets? lol That is a beautiful quilt and well worth all of the work. So glad to hear the good report on your dad.

Dona Zarosinski

You’re just diving right in! Fabulous project and so organized. Please give Kate a hug for me if you see her!

Susan Salo

Oh, this will be beautiful! A great gift from your son to always have. Thanks for the HST info; I certainly would want it for a project like this! Glad your dad is doing well.

Vivian B.

Glad your Dad is doing well! When making this many HSTs, triangle paper is definitely the way to go! The great thing about a long term project like this is that as you work on it, it will be a record of the year for you. When it's done you'll be ready to literally put the year to bed!

Kathleen G.

What a beautiful quilt! I think it might go faster than you think. I have not made a basket quilt before, but it's on my bucket list. May have to search out this magazine and find some fabric. This was my second thought when I saw your post....order some border fabric NOW before it's gone! So glad to hear that your dad is doing better. He is so lucky to have such devoted daughters.


OMG! That quilt is gorgeous! so glad to hear your dad is doing well. 2021 has got to get better, right?

Connie Thorne

What an awesome quilt this will be. Beautiful fabric line. So glad to hear your Dad is doing well. This is unusual times we are living in, but I have great hope for 2021!!Take care.


You have inspired me to bust out my stash of French General and join along! I've got everything I need except the border, but figure I can wait and get something later.

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