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January 04, 2021



Its a gorgeous quilt and quite an accomplishment. Starting off the new year with a big win!

Carla HR

Nicole, your perseverance paid off, that is a gorgeous quilt - congratulations.
My very best wishes for a healthy 2021 to you and your family.


Happy New Year!

My takeaway from this post of a lovely pineapple quilt is that if I'm tempted to buy a pineapple ruler I should take it out of my cart and toss in some piecing papers instead. Ha, ha! Actually, wonderful to know, because I keep thinking I'll try one of those.

Carole Moore

I would say you have 2021 off to a good start. I have a pineapple quilt started since 2017 Only about 12-5 inch blocks done. I am thinking table topper...
Your quilt is beautiful!

T Holzer

Do you think you'll paper piece your next pineapple quilt??? LOL. I had to say it! I have 2 pineapple rulers as well as papers by Gigi's Thimble...I think I'll use the papers. All joking aside, Nicole, your quilt is absolutely stunning. Here's to 2021!!


Spectacular! What an accomplishment!

sue s

I'm glad you managed to finish it; it's beautiful! Maybe you should paper piece the next one :)

Debi Bacon

Your quilt is beautiful. I personally would rather use that ruler than paper piece. I hate paper piecing which is why my Dear Jane has all of 12 blocks done.

Mary Kastner

It is beautiful Nicole. FIne job! Happy New Year! Be well and be safe!


Happy new year! That quilt is gorgeous. Glad you stuck with it and finished. I am slogging through a dwr that sounds about like your pineapple. I can see from your wonderful finish I should push through too!

Lisa D.

I just can't get over how beautiful this quilt is! I made a few pineapple blocks for a group gift quilt, so I know how much work this is. Love it!

Kathleen G.

That quilt is beautiful! I know you are glad you pushed through and have this stunning quilt in your collection. I have pineapple rulers and papers and am still afraid of beginning a project. I guess I could do a test sheet or two with some fabric scraps and see what happens....that makes sense doesn't it? The older I get, the more I shy away from "complicated."


Happy New Year & welcome back! Your pineapple quilt is stunning! You should be very proud of what you pushed through & accomplished! It's a beautiful addition to your quilt collection! Stay well!


Happy New Year! I know it was a pain for you but the quilt is gorgeous! You are going to be glad you persevered. Gives us all inspiration to tackle that one project we've been dreading finishing! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Even if it wasn't all fun, it sure looks good! I'm glad you finished. It was a few years ago that I made my pineapple quilt and I have not yet been tempted to start another one.

Dona Zarosinski

Stunning. Congratulations on your perseverance....I’m working on binding three quilts. I finished a quilt in 2020 that I started in 2000! Things happen when you have to stay home!

Anita Monery

Your quilt is beautiful, good for you for sticking with the project. Those pineapple blocks are very time consuming. Happy New Year.

Kerry L.

Your quilt is stunning! So glad you finished it!! You should put a note on your label as to how many hours it took you. I have had a pineapple qu you k lol t on my radar for a few years now. Maybe it’s time to tackle one.


lol Welcome back....I missed your posts. ;p

it really is a beautiful quilt!

Helen in Switzerland

What an absolutely stunning quilt - with time you will forget the pain involved and just enjoy it!!


Omigosh, it was worth every minute you spent on it--that is a truly stunning quilt! Outstanding--thank you for treating us to it :-)

Mary in Kansas


Happy New Year! You must be thrilled that you have finally finished this quilt. It's beautiful!


It's like going through labor, soon you will forget the pain, but oh that beautiful baby! Congrats on a great finish. Happy New Year! Give that welshie a smooch too.

Mary Jo

Your quilt is fabulous! I made a pineapple quilt with that ruler in a class many, many years ago. I don’t remember having any problems and I finished the top during the class. Perhaps my younger eyes helped. I don’t think I’ll try it again.


So glad you persevered as your quilt came out gorgeous! I have that ruler but never used it, now I'm tempted to put it in the donate pile. Happy 2021!

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