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January 05, 2021


Debbie Myers

I look forward to your review as I have the same problem sewing bindings.


I bought a similar product and it works great. I was struggling to thread needles and sewing dark bindings was almost impossible. The light is really helpful. Happy New Year!


Such a dilemma! Hand or machine. I just finished a rather large quilt binding by hand and it looks so nice, but I am slow.! I like the Daylight co. floor lamp to handstitch with. It works for now.


I have the beginnings of cataracts and am thinking of having the surgery done relatively soon. They have affected my vision pertaining to driving, needlework, I get a lot of eye fatigue. I cannot imagine this getting a lot worse before having the surgery. I've worn glasses for 50+ years and this year was the first time they cannot correct it to 20/20. I cried. So, I am with you. Lots of light,break down projects into smaller bites. Good luck.


The ott light in the floor lamp is really handy and adjustable.

Barbara Groeschell

Two suggestions, have surgery ASAP and binding needles from Primitive Gatherings.

sue s

I have debated getting this light myself. As another recommendation, Pat Sloan mentions on her blog that she uses it and it works well.

Robby H.

Oh! I'm excited to hear what you think of this device. I also need more light in the evenings and well, part of the year my evenings just aren't suitable for hand sewing. I'd like to remedy that.


I've been dragging my feet in the cataract surgery department, myself. I'm noticing once it's dusk I'm finished sewing for the day. I have an Ott light & a small Daylight that I end up practically wearing on my head, so perhaps I just need to get it done! Everyone--you know 'everyone'--says you'll wonder why you waited so long! I guess we should just hold hands & jump in together! Stay well!


I have a very similar light that I purchased it for English Paper Piecing. I love it. It also came in very handy when we lost power for several days a few months ago.

I also recommend the Primitive Gatherings binding needles. The BEST!

Dona Zarosinski

I’m sure you’ve experimented with sewing bindings by machine?! I tried it with baby quilts that I knew would be washed often. Try easy and quick. Save the handwork for the very special ones...I mean every quilt is special but...


I tend to put off binding too. I don't mind doing it but I need music or something to listen to. I can't do it while watching TV because the only TV shows I like require more concentration than an occasional glance. But I have two quilts waiting for me.

Dusty Huxford

Have the surgery. I was amazed how bright colors were after the surgery. It was amazing. I wore glasses most of my life, but when I had cataract surgery they corrected my vision and now I just wear glasses for reading. It’s well worth it to have the surgery.


I use a different LED light that hangs around my neck. I have used it for maybe 4 yrs and it is essential for me to see. What's nice about LED is it doesn't give off heat.

Yes, I have lots of binding to do....ugh.

Juliana Ellington

Echoing what lots of comments say, I am very eager to hear how the light works for you. It was great reading what others had to offer about their own experiences and solutions. I also need more light, especially at night, plus I want to start doing embroidery again.

Diane Linford

I love my light like that. I think you’ll be happy with it.

Traci Swenson

Have the surgery! I had cataracts very young (both eyes were done by the time I was 42). It is amazing when you realize how much you couldn’t see once you have the surgery. I have to wear glasses now for anything close up and have that same neck light and it is awesome! Love your posts, especially your book recommendations. Thanks for all the time you put into your blog sharing your books, quilts, and life with all of us!

Carole Moore

Oh I would love to sew those bindings for you! My second favorite part of a quilt, actually equal to making the blocks
I can still see with my daylight bulb and extra strong readers.


I don't mind doing binding, but I'm finding that working on dark colors is more challenging. Especially in the evening. I look forward to hearing your opinion on that type of light before buying one for myself.


You will love this light. I recently bought this to do hand sewing without having to turn on a super bright light that would distract while watching television with my husband. He borrowed it when he was reading a book in low light and ended up ordering his own. You can take it anywhere with you. Great for hand stitching on your porch!

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