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January 07, 2021



I am looking into getting this light for myself, I am often awake way too early but can only hand stitch with daylight or excellent lighting these days.


Thanks for the recommendation! I have the same vision issues, so I'll be ordering one of these ASAP!


I purchased this same light around Black Friday! It helps so much when hand sewing on binding!

sue s

I'm sold! I've recently gone back to working on a cross stitch pattern and I need the light more than the magnification I use now.


Thanks a bunch for the review! I'm so glad you like it and that it is working for you - enjoy 🙂 Ozzie looks so comfy - will he share the chair with you so you can snuggle together? Have a blessed day! 🙂


Oh, Ozzie! He's a rascal for sure...but so adorable! How could you have the heart to make him move! YOU's much easier now with that neck light! I have a feeling your readers, including myself, will be ordering our own from Amazon right away! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Thank you Nicole.Great information for our aging eyes.


I'm ordering a neck light. It looks good for travel as well as at home as there is often not enough light in hotel rooms to read.

Sandy KN

Ditto for me! My light is on its way :-). You do have quite the knack for finding exactly the thing that I hadn’t known I needed!!

Robby H.

As always, thanks for the review of something so useful. I think our favorite places to sit a favored by our furry friends because they're reminded of us while they're there.

Joan Irons

Mine is being delivered today. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Juliana Ellington

Thank you so much for this recommendation. I just ordered my light and it will arrive tomorrow! (Also, thank you for emailing me! That was totally unexpected!)


Of course I ordered one immediately - you never steer me wrong!


I ordered and yesterday received mine. This morning was spent in my comfy chair with it around my neck finishing a binding. I plan to also use it on my sewing machine for more directed light on the needle. Thanks for the recommendation!!!!!


Lol on Ozzie! He cracks me up! I will definitely try one out as I always feel guilty turning on a light if I'm just trying to read something. Putting in my cart today :)

gena holland

love that light! Thanks so much for mentioning it!

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