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January 26, 2021


Kathy Czuprynski

I’m glad your dad got his first vaccination. It does pay to be old! I’ve gotten my first, second appointment is a little over 2 weeks..
Your blocks look great!

Kathy Czuprynski

I’m glad your dad got his first vaccination. It does pay to be old! I’ve gotten my first, second appointment is a little over 2 weeks..
Your blocks look great!


In Pennsylvania, I qualify at Age 65 - except there are no vaccines available.


YAY for your Dad!!! Your blocks look great!

Juliana Ellington

Hooray for your dad getting his first vaccination! The flying geese block is not one I've seen before. Your points are beautiful!


I'm so happy to see your dad received his first vaccine! We're over 70 & were able to get our first dose on 1/7, so the second one happens this Thursday! 'Genuine' is an interesting block & your points look great on 'Friendship'! Stay well!

Annie O

I saw and liked both of those block designs! You’ve done up Carrie’s in one of my all time favorite fabrics—that Toasty color is hard To find.
Glad your Dad got the vaccine! I had a little headache with the first and soreness with both, but am thrilled to have gotten it. My parents are in their 80s but haven’t gotten an appointment yet. Very frustrating for a lot of folks.

Mary Kastner

Your blocks look pretty and perfect. I haven't been able to get a vaccine yet. Basically feel like a prisoner in my house. We aren't going anywhere. Wish we could see an end to this COVID crisis. Take care and be well and safe.


1) your snowy yard looks like a book cover


oh, we figure we won't get access to a covid shot b4 late fall. lots of people more in need than us.
I've accepted the fact that 2021 will be spent at home. :( stay warm!

Nancy Watkins

I am beyond thrilled to see your father get his COVID shot. I lost my 93 year old mother two weeks ago from that very thing. We found a place to get ours on Feb. 9 but are worried they will run out before then. I read a wonderful book called The Forgiving Kind by Donna Everhart. I thought of you while reading it and thought that you might like this author. I loved her style of writing so ordered a couple more of hers. Check her out if you are not familiar with her.


I’m glad your dad didn’t have any side affects. I received my first shot Monday ( they did a mass clinic at the high school for our school district staff and teachers.) I have a very sore arm and a headache. We had a remote school day today because of 7 inches of snow and 40 mph winds. We get the second shot in February and the next day will be a remote learning day because most people get a fever with the second shot. Over 220 people got the shot so we wouldn’t be able to staff in person learning. I love your blocks.


Who would believe we would get so much snow! I'm a California girl too and don't get any snow in my area, but it sure is cold! Glad your dad is doing well and has his vaccine. I joke with my older friends that I won't qualify for a vaccine until summer :(

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