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January 19, 2021



Glad you had a good productive day. You deserve it. Hugs.

Mary Kastner

It sounds like you had a busy day and very productive. I am so over all this and so tired of my house! I need out and I do know better! Have a good day Nicole.


You certainly accomplished a lot yesterday! It feels great when you have things neat & tidy along with purging old, useless items that are way beyond their expiration dates! Your dinner sounds delicious! Enjoy that beautiful weather! Stay well!

Kathleen G.

I did some cleaning and purging too yesterday. Such a good feeling! Of course, hubby came in just before I finished and started in with "are you really going to throw that away??" Yes, yes I am!


how do we collect so much clutter? I am working on kitchen cabinets right now. throwing away expired ingredients, throwing away old cook books I haven't used in years...


Tailors have been using clappers for decades so maybe you could ask them where to buy one if not want to wait .
I know what you mean about too much make up as I did the same thing but I have found all cosmetics are a sort of buy and try and if not like you have yet another piece to put in the drawer as I don’t like throwing away a full item. But it is a liberating feeling. Just did my last pantry shelf and am so proud of myself 😄


Forgot to say, a book from Joanna and Carrie —— omg I can not wait. I have done almost every quilt in Carrie’s schnibbles books and can highly recommend them. Both are geniuses. I will look forward to your opinion

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