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January 18, 2021



Hi Nicole - so sorry to hear about your Dad! But so thankful the stroke wasn't worse and glad he is at home now. Please keep us updated! Have a good day!


Prayers and hugs to your family.

Kathy Czuprynski

I’m so glad your Father is doing well! I hope my thoughts and prayers helped! Harvest Road... one of my favorite fabric lines! I’ve made 2 quilts with it and have 2 more projects waiting for me!


Prayers for your father that he will continue to regain his strength and enjoy life with his loving daughters.


I'm glad your dad is doing well, what a scare! I like the Summer Stroll pattern, it looks complicated until you analyze it closely and realize it is simple blocks put together in an original way.

Kerry L.

So glad to hear that your dad is out of the hospital and doing well. What a lucky man to have such wonderful daughters!
I too bought a Harvest Road layer cake with no plans so I look forward to see what you do! Take care Nicole!

Michele Klein

Glad your father is doing well. I’ve been mulling over American Gatherings and doing the flag sew along. I really don’t “need” more fabric or project but I really like the quilt. I have gotten back into counted cross stitch for something else to keep me occupied. I sit and do that instead of wasting time playing games on my tablet. Continuing good thoughts for you and your family.

sue s

I love this fabric! I've made one quilt already and have much more for something else. There was a panel too which is the backing for my quilt. Hope your dad continues his recovery safely.

Mary Kastner

Prayers and good wishes to your Dad and family. You are so lucky you still have him with you. Your fabric is beautiful. I am making a quilt for my oldest granddaughter. Have the top finished and need to get it together and machine quilted and in the mail . Trying to keep busy and that does help me mentally for sure. Take care!


Hospitals are maxed out these days with COVID patients. I'm so happy to hear your dad is improving & home with family caring for him. There really is no place like home! ❤️ Stay well!

Jennifer in Indy

Sorry to hear about your dad’s stroke and glad that it was minor and he is back home.


I am so happy to hear your father is doing well. I am also happy to hear his spirits are good and he has an appetite. Yay to your dad!

Debbie R.

I'm glad to hear that your Dad is back home and doing well. Good luck with what is now a very full schedule for you, home schooling and writing work during the week, and time with your father on the weekend. There may not be much time for sewing, but fabric and pattern dreaming will sustain you for a while. Take care of yourself, too!


So sorry about your Dad, but glad he is doing well. Take care of yourself too.

Gloria Y

So sorry to read about your dad. Happy he is home!

Sandra Clarke

Love & prayers for you & your family. Keep inspiring us with your beautiful handwork. You manage to use your time much more wisely than me! Glad you are able to homeschool Eva! She is a lucky girl.


Prayers to you and your family.


Oh my goodness, glad your father is doing well after that stroke scare. Cyber hugs and prayers sent your way that his recovery continues! That fabric is scrumptious!

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