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January 11, 2021


Grace M Thorne

you could make your own 4" papers....with a drawn pattern and then print on newsprint however many you need....i do that a lot...saves money and very handy for whatever you want...

Barbara Sheridan

Long before companies sold foundation paper for paper piecing
1) I used 1/4 inch graph paper for paper piecing for log cabin strips that finished at 1/2 inch wide

2) I used a sulky transfer pen and tissue paper to make a round log cabin ( Log Cabin Rondelay by June Ryker). Strips finished at 1/2 in wide as well. The quilt was 60 inches in diameter. This quilt won the grand prize in the only competition I’ve ever entered!

sue s

You folks are ALL thrifty! I think papers are a great idea for 4" and 6" blocks. Lovely reds Nicole!

Kathy Parsons

I cut my old cutting mat up to use in the bottom of my personal grocery bags. They let the bottoms remain flat and you don't have to worry about the bottoms ripping. Also if something spills, you can take them out and wash them.

Pam O

Check with Friskars. Their products have a lifetime warranty.
Lovely table runner.

Kerry L.

Try going to your local office supply store (like a Staples) and have them reduce your 6” block by 75% to get a smaller block. You will have to play around with the % decrease. These bigger stores usually have higher quality copiers and I have had great success doing this. When I have the size I want I have them run my paper piecing papers through the copier.
I definitely agree that paper piecing log cabins/pineapple blocks is the way to go!


Great idea for using up those beautiful scraps! Have a good day back in home school with Eva! And put sewing time on the schedule for yourself! Stay well!


really lovely! stay safe...we have not hit bottom yet with covid. California is in bad shape. :(

Mary Kastner

I really like your new red project. I am so over this and know it is not over for us. be well and be safe Nicole"

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