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January 12, 2021



While I'm sure I wouldn't get as much joy out of the decorations as your husband, I suspect that the pleasure of handling each one individually where he can briefly focus on each piece of art is worth the effort. But chocolate cake as a reward would definitely motivate me to the finish line. Because we've been equally deprived of treats at our house this holiday season. Ha-ha! Thanks for sharing the beauty of Christmas at your house.


Eva grows up making the best memories ever. She is blessed to call you two Grandma & Grandpa.


Your husband's ornament collection is beautiful! How delightful it is that he enjoys the decorating so much. I know it is a lot of work but I am sure your house looks amazing. And the chocolate cake - WOW! Looking forward to trying it and thank you for the recipe! Have a good day 😊


I have just one of those ornaments--the gingerbread house. It's a treasure & I understand why your husband is so fond of his collection! I imagine Sara could put Eva through grad school, but I doubt she'd ever sell her dad's beloved Christmas decorations! I'm going to try the chocolate cake recipe asap. It looks & sounds so delicious! Stay well!

Stephani in N. TX

It's definitely been a more-is-more holiday season because there was so much "less" of so many other things. That said, your husband's love and care for precious glass ornaments is a treasure. I made ceramics for years and collected cut glass until I realized I had a houseful, and all of it was so fragile. Fortunately we stayed in our one house for 30 years. The chocolate cake looks yummy. Maybe for another holiday, only because we just finished off a chocolate cake for this holiday. I'd say we're all off to a good start to the New Year, not counting Covid or raucous politics.

Patty Fowl

I love that your husband is so into Christmas and decorating ... and in assisting with putting everything away! Why does it always seem to get put away faster than it takes to decorate? Stay safe and healthy!

sue s

Because of current events I felt a need to really decorate this year so I did! Hubby insisted on cookies so that happened too. It was a pleasant holiday with two very close, equally isolated friends for a socially distant dinner. Yummy cake!

Lynn C. (NJ)

Keep up the momentum!! Eat chocolate cake, which looks delicious, by the way. Love your sense of humor.
We need all the joy we can get right now. Have a good New Year.

AnnieO in SoCalif

I love Christmas ornaments too, and seem to either make or buy some every year. But 2020 saw me put far fewer on the tree since it was only the two of us going to be looking at it! It still took many hours putting away all the decorations around the main floor rooms. I would have loved some chocolate cake to reward that job! Hubby helps with box moving and taking out the tree, but not the boring part of the reboxing, like yours does!


It's so nice that your husband enjoys the Christmas decorating as much as he does! I can't imagine that Sara would sell his collection - well, maybe not all of it!


um, our tree is still up and decorated. after this brutal year, I need something cheerful to remind me to 'keep calm and carry on'.

cake sounds good, too. ;p

stay safe!


No chocolate cake here, maybe that's why we don't have all the decorations put away yet, lol. We're about 90% done but its the last bit that is the worst part of the process.


I think his love of decorating for Christmas is wonderful. My husband could care less whether I put up a tree or not. His contribution is just carrying the boxes of ornaments and things upstairs for me. But he would love that chocolate cake!


I actually don't want my husband's help with the decorations...too destructive! thankfully I have the help of my 2 girls. They have their birthday later this month and the cake will hit the spot. You only turn 10 once, and then you just wish you could again! I must say you have had so many ideas this year that I have acted on...ordered the neck light, making the cake, using my rulers. THANK YOU!


Wow how lucky you are to have such a husband! I have to beg mine to put up lights so have noticed I've definitely simplified a lot over the years. I am definitely going to try out that cake, it looks delicious!


I have a collection of glass ornaments that I have collected over the years. They each have a special box which goes into the tub. This year I didn't really want to put up the two trees this year because of family not being able to come. But my daughter insisted and she helped decorate. I'm glad we did, as we enjoyed the lights and all the decorations.


What a gem he is to insist on massive decorating but also helping put it out and take it down. So glad you appreciate him. And the cake sounds wonderful; loved your statement 'keep up the momentum.' I think I'll apply it in this house!


That's really sweet that he puts up the decorations to make the occasion very festive. I didn't do anything, but my family brought over some things so my place would be festive this year. They also came to put it down!


Hey, the bubble wrap bags are I great idea that I might adopt. This is a lovely post about your take down tradition ending with the cake.

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