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February 26, 2021



I am not recommending anything as I hate sewing bindings! I hope you get some good recommendations as this is a very interesting topic.


I like to use quilting between needles. I use a ladder stitch to stitch down my binding. The eyes are small but I just use the Clover threading gizmo. I m starting to love binding as it means that project is DONE, Thanks for sharing.

Gwen Ferderer

I use a size 11 straw needle. They work well for me.


I use a Straw needle size 10 - Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage. They are a bit hard to thread. 😊

Stephani in N. TX

I'm waiting for a good suggestion as well. I have so many quilts that need binding sewn down and I'm still using the same needle as when I started quilting. Betweens look too short, my milliner's needle looks about right. Oh, wait I'll get out a fresh needle and see if a new needle makes the chore any easier. Then I will think of all the folks out there binding, including you, and whistle while I work. I'm busy these days buzzing around my quilting but not actually getting much done. I need my design wall hung, mirrors hung. Either I find a substitute or hire someone to finish my moving in here and making things workable. Thanks for the nudge.

Janet Schultz

Sorry, but I love doing the binding - at night, watching tv, under a warm quilt. The needle doesn't really seem to be a problem but I guess whichever one I use, it is fairly short (maybe a quilting needle).


My choice is the Clover Black Gold #9 Appliqué Sharp. Talk about BUTTAH. I have frequently passed it though the calloused end of my finger without even feeling anything. That being said, it’s exteremely fine, and at first you will want to KILL ME when you try to thread it. So you will also need a neutral color oF 100wt silk thread to even be able to. (ANd you might need EVA to thread it for you, until you get used to it.) Your stitches will be effortless and invisible. You will start thinking that the finest, pointiest, curvy hand appliqué is now in reach— it is. Sorry to go on and on, but this needle, with silk thread upped my game and changed my life. XOXO


I don't have a new recommendation. I really like the strength and stiffness of the Primitive Gathering binding needle. Guess I'm getting a little arthritis, as the length is easier for me. It's a very personal trial and error to find what works! Love your blog. Good luck with the search!

Gina Martin

I find hand-stitching binding relaxing, but hate the initial sewing it on part. I started using Lori Holt binding needles awhile back after trying a lot of different brands. The Lori Holt needles are a little bit thicker than I'd prefer but are nicely sharp, fit my hand well (not too long) and sturdy enough to go through multiple layers without bending. I can also thread them easily as they have an eye that my tired 62-year-old eyes can actually see! Good luck with your search.


I find the hand sewing part of binding very relaxing. As for the needles I use...a large eye & 'medium' length are my requirements. I know there are specific needles for various jobs, but I've never taken the time to learn them. 😳 Despite not providing any useful information here, I'm enjoying the recommendations from your readers! Enjoy your weekend with your dad! Stay well!

carol l

I use a size 22 chenille needle. Like the larger eye so I can see to thread it.

Wanda Hanson

I use Richard Hemming & Son Milliners size 9 or 10. It says large eye needles on the package however I have to work at threading them. They might be longer than you like but they work great for me. I do a lot of batik bindings which are heard to push a needle through and these needles can handle the job.

Lisa D.

I like Roxanne's sharps #10 for bindings. They are short and cut through multiple layers really well. The eyes are tiny, though - be warned.


Sorry I can't help as I do like the Primitive Gatherings binding needles. I use them with my Clover desktop threader.


I'm currently using a size 9 straw needle for binding and all my hand sewing, John James brand, but I have also used the straw needles from Jeana Kimball's Foxglove cottage and I liked those.

sue s

I have all my mostly old needles from my sewing days and I have to admit I haven't given much thought to what they are. But I'm thinking now I'll look at what folks recommend here because it could make my sewing easier and that would be a good thing!


I like using a #9 between. Fairly short and sturdy, they are good for medium weight fabric. Sewing binding in front of the tv means the project is almost completed. Wish all my projects just had the binding to sew down.


I use Fons&Porter Quilters’ Binding Needles. I love them! The package says assorted sizes 3,5,7 but I just grab any one. They are not long but are sturdier and do not bend. This is good when you are sewing through multiple layers. My Joann’s store used to carry them but not any more. They seem to be hard to find and I really hope that they have not been discontinued. Hope these work for you! I love reading your blog. Everything you make is beautiful.
If you can’t find them the Fons & Porter utility needles may work. They are size 7.

Kerry L.

Sorry but I love sewing binding. I would happily sew yours if I could! I use a size 9 or 10 Between needle by John James-short and sturdy. I just read on the All People Quilt blog they are recommending quilters use quilting thread to sew binding down. I am going to try it! Good luck and hope you are having a nice weekend with your dad.


I love sewing down binding but had a long way to go before I found out what works best for me to achieve the "invisible look" I'm striving for.
The combination that works best for me at the moment:
- Ladder stitch
- Fil à Gant from Sajou, a very fine (120 wt), but strong, waxed cotton thread that was used in bygone days for sewing gloves
- Clover Gold Eye Appliquè Needles No. 10 or 12, extremely fine and hard to thread but the result is worth it. I have some that are a little bent from use but that makes them even easier for me to manoeuvre.
Maybe a bit weird, but that's what works best for me. Good luck finding your own combination!


I like using size 10 applique needles. I agree with the other comment about the Clover Black Gold needles. They are expensive, but I love how they glide through the fabric.


I love the Lori Holt binding needles. For me they were a game changer.

Moneik Stephens

Richard Hemming & Son Milliners size 11 work well for me for binding. I prefer the Clover black gold #12 for EPP.

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