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February 16, 2021


Robby H.

I used to get together with some friends once a quarter to do something similar. It was crazy, but having meals in the fridge or freezer for "those days" was great. I now use my freezer as part of my pantry. In addition to full meals, I put things like braised chuck roast or roast pork butt in the freezer. When that's already cooked, it's fast to make tacos/burritos, soup, even a casserole or hot sandwiches. I haven't personally done the pre-bagged meals for slow cooker/Instant Pot. I think the Instant Pot would be the safest option. A slow cooker doesn't warm the food fast enough for food safety practices if it's frozen. I think I would make it a "kit" so I could thaw just the meat over night in the fridge because I would want to sear it for better flavor before putting it in the slow cooker or Instant Pot (which would eliminate the big safety concern). The veggies could stay frozen because they never take as long to cook as the meat. Lately, I've been making full size recipes for the two of us. I put portions in similar pans and freeze them for my parents in their 80's. Some are fully cooked, but pasta dishes, etc I put in ready to bake so it's fresh for them. Soups and stews freeze beautifully too. Which is all probably more than you wanted to know. Ha! Hope something here is useful.


I just picked up Meal Prep in an Instant by Becca Ludlum. It's more of a meal prep, with a weekly meal plan, grocery list for the week and where you spend 3-4 hours on a Sunday making your meals for the week. There is usually a breakfast, lunch and a couple suppers per week. It's all done in the instant pot, lots of veggies, whole grains and low sugar. I think it would work great for a two person household. I'm not quite sold on doing all of the meal cooking on a Sunday yet, but I'm going to give a few recipes a try this week and see how it goes. I know my week goes better if some of the meals are prepped at the start of the week and I have been searching for solutions too.

Kathleen G.

I've been thinking of doing something like this myself. Not because my days are so busy, but because I don't enjoy cooking like I used to and appreciate having something in the freezer ready to go. I notice your containers have a cardboard cover....what are you using for that?


I do love using my Instant Pot but haven’t tried the freezer meal approach. There is a blogger who has several posts about it though and you may get some good recipes here:
I’m looking forward to hearing what you come up with, meal prep frees up so much future time.


I’m going to be doing the same thing this week. I’m having surgery on my right foot next week. So I will be off of my feet for several weeks and will not be driving. Thank you for the timely post.


When I worked I did freezer meals a lot. I still do some labor intensive things that way. Just last week, I made a large batch of Ham Balls and froze them. Check OAMC and 30 Day Gourmet. They should have some good info for you.

Kerry L.

In regards to your previous post, I too am asleep at the switch! I ordered Harvest Road and found ( I think) the yardage you are looking for. Look up Prairie Rose Quilt Shop in Minot, ND.



It's always a nice 'surprise' to reach into the freezer for a pre-made meal! Our cousin house-sat for us when he was in college. I left 3-weeks' worth of prepared meals in the freezer. Being a kid he had a friend or 3 over & those meals were wiped out in a few days! Lesson learned & the following years he didn't invite anyone to dinner when he was house sitting! Stay well!

Ramona Chester

I used to go to one of those fix up your freezer meal places. The bad thing was that I gained weight, because most of the stuff was pretty delicious and calorie dense. Not sure about their book though, but the idea sounds good.

Wendy Currie

I have been following a site and really like her you tube videos on meal prep along with a lot of her recipes. I am looking to improving our diet with more nutrient dense meals and less of the foods we don’t eat. We are entering retirement years and our health is paramount to being able to enjoy our freedom.

Vicki Shipp

Check out the Six Sisters videos on YouTube. They have an abundance of meals that ingredients get out into freezer bags, no cooking ahead of time, and out into the Instapot or slow cooker.

Vicki Shipp

Correction to above message - ingredients get out into freezer bags. Sorry.

Vicki Shipp

I give up! Dump the ingredients into the freezer bags.

Joan Irons

For the past several years, freezer meals have been my Christmas gift to my grown children and grandchildren. I usually make 4 meals and several breakfast sandwiches. It has been their favorite gift ever.

Joan Irons

I was able to get the book you recommended from my library. Hope to get lots of good ideas for next year.


wow, labelled too. you are so good. Of course if normally cooking a meal then double it and freeze that portion ( but you know that already ). I saw Jamie Oliver on TV cook then froze stuff in plastic resealable bags FLAT down in the freezer, then when frozen, he stood them up like manilla folders. He said it took less room but hey, it's all up to each person's likes and dislikes
good on you
Suzanne in Australia

Maureen A. McComas

Passionate Penny Pincher has a great selection of Freezer Meals, Crockpot, Summer Grilling etc. I have the freezer meal and crock pot sets of cards and love them!


Lots of great tips! We just try to plan for the week, like a roast chicken will give us chicken chow mein, taquitos, chicken salad, even cook down bones for a broth and make soup. you'd have to cook everyday though. I like your idea better!

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