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February 10, 2021



That is a beautiful block - your fabric choices are perfect for it. The group paper piecing project I am working on has us printing out the pattern on freezer paper, cutting it out and ironing the shapes on the appropriate fabrics leaving a 3/8” margin for inner seams and 3/4” for outer seams. Saves fabric and ensures proper placement.
It does sound as though you are being pulled in all directions, hope things calm down soon and that you can find those lovely “me” two weeks.

Wendy Currie

Those blocks look awesome Nicole! I do agree with you on the one on the top right though...I am just as hard on myself too.
I am in the same kinda boat...the family helper between parents who need me and kids and grandchildren, it’s a season of life I guess and am happy to be making good memories.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

You are dealing with pandemic exhaustion superimposed upon the normal ups and downs of ordinary life. I prescribe some self care, whatever form of that you can manage. It's tough right now.


Feeling the same way as you! Too much pressure not enough sewing! Love that sweet block too— you get an idea of how tiny the block is when you see how far the points are from the raw edge— whoa! Sitting that one out. That’s about the only one I’m sitting out— I got sucked into My Favorite Color is Moda. Xox

Karina McIntyre

You are mastering the paper piecing technique Nicole! All your blocks are nice and the earthy colors you chose are gorgeous. The tiny blocks look mighty. Tackling so many responsibilities is hard. Please take some time off every day to breath and relax.

Gaye Bailey

After seeing your blog post, I caved and joined the Little Blocks 365. Oh boy, what was I thinking! They are little. Yours just looked so darn cute. I’m printing mine out each week so thank you for your tip today. I will surely make a note on my pattern. Hang in there.

Sandie Mackintosh

I’m looking forward to starting this one! I signed up when she extended the deadline, and then my printer died. We haven’t been able to get another one due to COVID shortages. I’ve downloaded all of the blocks and having fun planning fabric combos for now. Yours look great- but, I agree with you on your decision to redo the brighter red one. Either that or make sure to work some more brighter tones into more blocks to scatter through the quilt.


Your blocks are looking so good! I spent yesterday cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room so I can start this project later this week. I have my fabric picked out and started printing the foundations. We all need our little projects so we have something to look forward to and perk up our days.

Debbie R.

Your blocks are looking great. As for too much to do, too many obligations -- I hear you and feel the same. All I want to do is sew, and read, and bake, and other pleasures. But that remains a dream while I tend to obligations. Take care of yourself. Squeeze in even a few minutes of reading and sewing. B-r-e-a-t-h-e. And smile.


Nicole, my heart goes out to you. I think Nancy, above, makes a good point. Pandemic exhaustion is real. Adding in being really needed by family makes a person weary. Try to take a few minutes to breathe. I have to agree that the upper right block's shade of red differs enough to have a re-do. But, I tip my hat to you for your mad paper piecing skills! 🎩 Stay well!

Mary Kastner

It is Cloviid exhaustion I think. Just over it myself. Every time I think about something I want to do it's "forget that idea". One of my nieces had a baby yesterday. How would you like to be in that place right now. I have the baby quilt fabric sitting here. Better get on that one ! I keep telling myself it will get better. I hope I'm right. Your blocks are so well done. They look great Nicole. Hang in there. This too shall end .


oh, I am sorry this week is rough. :( yeah, I hate directional prints.

the blocks are really cute. I've not had a chance to sew anything since the weekend. on the plus side, the weather is lovely today.


Your blocks are beautiful. I wouldn't have noticed the little gap but once you point it out.... You are in the 'sandwich' generation time of your life. Needed by those on both sides of you. It is tough. My folks were 99 miles away in Southern OC during that time of my life. The drive kind of helped me decompress some. Hang in there. You can do this. Hugs to you.

Robby H.

Hang in there! So many good things are just about here. Getting vaccinated, longer, warmer days, and more. I recently helped my parents move and I felt like everyday was simultaneously too short and too long. I tried to remember that some of the stresses in my life were because I'm lucky enough to have loved ones in my life and I'm close enough to help them.


I had a grumpy day yesterday, sewed to make myself happier and made mistakes. Today is better. Your little blocks are so pretty but that requires lots of patience. I would probably cave and just make wall hanging.

sue s

I had a grumpy day yesterday too. I just don't find Accuquilt cuts accurate- my pieces are too small and I'm down to <1/8" seam sometimes. Jack and I had a serious session with a pile of Flying Geese and I finally had to walk away from it. I think pandemic exhaustion is a real thing. Take care of yourself.


Oh, I'd love to have one of those weeks too - where I only sew and read! What a treat it would be!!
Your blocks are cute and perhaps if you use that brighter red fabric in a few blocks, it will look like it belongs.

T Holzer

So, so, so nice, Nicole! And I'm sending you a chilly, frozen hug from SK! I have a question for you: did you keep any Blockheads 1 block patterns?? I need to find some replacement blocks for the quilt I made.


Finished the propeller block last night. I too had issues with this block. I have noticed that the author is not being too particular about the sequencing of some sections and not making the seams "nest" when possible. Here's a tip for making the propeller block work a little better. After the A, B, and C sections are completed, remove the paper from C (middle section) and re-press one of the center seams to the middle. (Originally one was facing in, one facing out.) When being added to the A and B sections they will "nest." Hope this helps.

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