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February 22, 2021


Teresa Rutherford Justice

I love paper piecing. I sometimes print a copy of the block diagram and write the paper piece # of each section on the diagram. Then I either write the color on the diagram also, or if there are multiple colors, I make a chart where each color gets a letter and I write that letter on the pieces. I do love the preciseness of paper piecing.


I haven't ventured into paper piecing but that looks like a smart method to keep organized! That plumber ought to be ashamed! I understand emergency/after hours charges but $800. for what you describe is robbery! I'd be tempted to report the incident to the State licensing board, but it would most likely fall on deaf ears. 😡 Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Thank you for the thorough explanation on pp'ing. Very good information. Shame on those plumbers.

Deb E

Every state has a person on staff with the Governors office who is there for the constituents, I've heard "constituent liason" and other terms. I would call them first, and report what happened and ask what advice or help they can give you to 1-get a decent refund for an obscenely large bill and 2-make sure that NEVER happens again with that company. Sometimes just a call from the governors office is enough. From there I would call that company and tell them you are making it a MISSION in your life to make their lives miserable for obscenely overcharging an elderly by making sure they get REALLY bad press (first, use YELP, then "comments to the editor" through the local paper, and there are many online sites for locals who look for references to good people to have work done - only BLAST how awful those people were. I suspect they will make things right really quickly with this barrage of activity on your part. If they are a franchise, call the main office. Use the Better Business Bureau website to make a complaint, and enlist the help of the county licensing department, too. There is a LOT you can do to help your dad with this. GO GET ' help your dad and the next unsuspecting elderly person!


So glad to hear your dad is doing well. I am always concerned about trusting plumbers. Make sure everyone knows this guy is to be avoided then ask around to find a good one before the next issue. We were lucky to find a great plumber last year when we had a big problem. Not that it was cheap but it was reasonable for the work. Your blocks are looking great. Like the addition of the colors.


oh, dear. I am so sorry to hear your dad was cheated. :( Breaks my heart to hear that. Do you have any recourse with the company? Maybe one of your sisters or their spouses could call and complain? Nothing to lose by trying.

In better news, the weather is lovely. I hope all of you can get out a bit. Call it recess for Eva.

I started my tiny blocks. I thought the same thing as you...need more color variation in mine.

Robby H.

This is a great tip. I can certainly see how knowing which triangle in a HST could be problematic. But, hey, your odds are 50-50. Which likely means I would goof it up about 75% of the time on my first try. LOL

Argh! Nothing makes me madder than to see older folks taken advantage of. Glad your dad is doing well over all.


Good tip and how sad for your dad! I always think of poor little seniors who have noone to advocate for them and struggle. There needs to be more done to help them, especially with just the day to day stuff that they can't handle on their own.

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