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February 25, 2021



Praying! This quilt is another beautiful one.

Could you do a post sometimes on how you store all your quilts? I want to keep making quilts, but I am getting overwhelmed with the inventory I already have.

sue s

I've collected all the patterns for this one and hopefully some day....I like the coloring in yours!


Another beauty to add to your collection, I just may have to take a closer look at that pattern and what fabrics I have in my stash.
Wishing you a disaster free stay at your Dad’s.

T Holzer

Your fabrics in this quilt are just perfect for this quilt, IMO! I've often thought how blessed we are to be quilters during the pandemic.


Your quilter did a nice job using a pattern that doesn't distract from the blocks. It's subtle & shows off your piecing. I agree with the commenter who said quilting & sewing have been a much-needed refuge for many of us during the past year. Have a peaceful weekend with your dad. I know he appreciates having you & your sisters with him & you will never regret the time spent. Stay well!

Debbie R.

The quilt is beautiful and exudes a feeling of comfort. Hope that you have a good, event-free weekend with your father.


Another great finish! I like the colors, traditional but a little brighter than usual. I'm working on my Little Blocks, wow, there are some tiny pieces!

Cheree Hull

A beautiful quilt! (I made several Valentine's runner out of the same fabrics in your header, btw. Cute!)


Beautiful quilt! Love your fabric choices and the quilting does not distract from the pattern - great job! Wishing you a relaxing uneventful stay with your Dad!

Mary Kastner

The quilt looks wonderful. What a beauty! We are so lucky to have our quilting to distract us occasionally from this reality. Definitely it is my therapy and yes I am dependent on it. Always something in the quilt room to do! Have a good day Nicole.



Love the quilt and the painting. Yes, peace at the end of the day. Can just hear those little chicks in the apron. 💕 Prayers for your dad.


that quilt is just beautiful! the quilting is gorgeous, too. have a lovely visit with your dad. the weather is going to be lovely. can you get him outside for a lovely walk? he must of had his 2nd vaccine dose by now?

I am finally starting to know people who have been vaccinated. our 84 yr old neighbor was so excited to have had his 2nd dose. he was out visiting friends in the neighborhood. I felt so happy and relieved for him. :P

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The quilt is awesome. As ever, your work is beautiful.


Love the quilt and painting! The quilter did a nice job! Yes, one more day to Friyay!! Keeping fingers crossed for no emergencies on your stay.

Lisa D.

Praying for no additional plumbing issues. I am very fortunate to have a brother who is a plumber. He fixes my plumbing and I deal with his computer issues. Love your newest quilt. Like another commenter mentioned, I would love someday to see how you store your quilts.

Wendy Currie

I hope that you and your Dad enjoy a relaxing weekend with no unpleasant surprises Nicole! I love your quilt and I understand the making smaller blocks...I do that as well.

Wendy Currie

I have recently ordered Tulip Milliners needles sizes 8,9 and 10 (made in Japan) they were recommended on another blog that I follow. I have used Bohin straw size 8 for years as they are thin and so sharp however they are long. They are from France.
I also tried Lori Holts binding needles and also found them thicker than I care to use.
I will update you on the Tulip needles when they arrive.

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