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February 18, 2021



It looks to me like you have one more square in a square than they do.

sue s

Recently I've had some trouble with block-making, especially with QALs that feature many designers. I guess everyone has their own style, but I find some are needlessly pieced with excessive amounts of pieces. I think your block is a terrific substitute.

Robby H.

Some blocks are just troublemakers. At least that's my story. Now those cupcakes look magically delicious.


Your block looks great! Smart idea to substitute a similar one rather than spend more time in frustration. Having 5 size choices is a plus for that book! Eva's cupcakes from scratch look delicious. And, extra points for the cute decorations! ☘️☘️Stay well!

Janice McCall

Your block looks fantastic. I, too, use that book all the time. Eva and her cupcakes are cute.

Sue Slater

Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I cannot see what is wrong with your block. Your points look perfect. I have that same fabric by the way. It is a nice print. I am going to look into that book. Our guild challenge is two blocks that start with your initials and that seems like a great source.


Your "substitute" block looks fantastic, and probably better than the original, Ha!

Eva is so cute and geez, she is sure growing fast. I loved baking with my daughter when she was that age - now she's 26 and still a joy to be with. :)


You reversed your outside blocks!!


What a cutie she is! I think your block looks more complicated than the original, so kudos to you!

Rita Kennedy

I came to the conclusion that the first square in a square should measure 3 1/4” unfinished not 3 1/2” for the 6” block. I tried to use Deb Tuckers square in a square ruler. After rereading instructions multiple times I saw where the center size for a 4” finished is the 3 1/4” measurement. Lots of frustration with this block and I’ve been quilting for 30 years

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