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March 12, 2021



Do you have a instant pot? I use mine for soups- so easy. One of my favorites is cream of tomato. Beef barley is also good as well as the usual chicken noodle and vegetable beef. Good luck.....

T Holzer

Hey! I do have one fat quarter of the background fabric. It's yours if you need it. I emailed you two of our family's fave soups, too.

Janet S

You can't go wrong with a simple vegetable soup. It's nutritious and good. Use any veggies you have in a chicken broth. Add some chicken if you like. Just before serving you can add some cream to give it body and for sure he needs some calories.

sue s

Is he taking something like Ensure? I love making an "empty the fridge" vegetable soup, using ready made broth/stock. The cherry is really darling!

Margaret has a Creamy Chicken and Orzo soup that is great. (I do add more flour to make it a little creamier than the recipe calls for). But it’s not a heavy creamy soup. It’s pretty light and flavorful and very easy to make.Sending best wishes to you and your father.

Julie D.

Favorite chicken soup recipe. I alter it a bit. No cloves. Cook chicken breasts in the broth. My family loves it!

Barbara Clarke

I would make a big pot of soup and then freeze the rest in small containers that you can defrost when you want. The frozen soup might be appreciated by your siblings who also stay with your dad.


I make a lot of soups during the winter. Lots of great ideas from your commenters! I especially like the one to freeze in small containers to have on hand at your dad's house! Would he eat your chicken noodle casserole? I've added it to our favorites list! Have a good weekend & stay well!

Mary Kastner

Enjoy the time with your Dad this weekend. You are so fortunate to have him. Soup sounds delicious.

Sara F

I adore Lori Holt's blocks, and your cherry block looks great with the fabrics you chose. I love those blue leaves and the whole feel is kind of patriotic, July 4th. Can't wait to see the blocks all together.


I've been making lots of soups. Broccoli and cheese would give him b vitamins. Red lentils are good for protein and iron.

If he eats so little, maybe skip the cooking and get some carry-out while you're there? I know it is expensive but it will save you time and he might be a little more excited about eating leftovers. I love Wor Won Ton soup.

The weather is going to be lovely. I hope you can sit outdoors and enjoy it together for a bit.

Kathe Howe

I adore a recipe I think I got out of a newspaper or magazine for Molly Ringwald's mom's sausage lentil soup. It's the best. Let me know if you're interested.


I have a wonderful chicken orzo soup recipe - happy to send it and also a good old-fashioned bean soup one. Let me know! Have a wonderful weekend with your Dad!

Carol in Texas

Split pea with ham.......the recipe is on the bag of the split peas. Whenever we are lucky enough to to have a leftover ham bone, that is where it goes! It is delicious and as the leftover sits, it gets thicker and can be thinned to reheat. Carol in Texas

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