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March 24, 2021



Your quilt top is beautiful. It makes me want to get the last two borders on mine.

sue s

I love how your quilt turned out. The outer border is perfect! I'm ready to add sashing to mine. I'll be posting it somewhere when it's done.

Robby H.

How I remember those days of sitting poolside for instruction or waiting my turn to swim laps or race. I recall goosebumps whenever the breeze came up if we had already been in. But that sunshine looks inviting.


Your quilt is beautiful! Love barns! Might have to tackle this one!

Mary Kastner

Very nice! The blocks are really pretty. Yes, swim is back here as well. A little chilly for me but the kids are happy. Have a great day!

Stephani in N. TX

Love your village quilt, the designs on each house make it special. I started a new block yesterday, a star pattern with several rounds of blocks and I'm glad I waited till now. I'm so much more patient and the block came together well. Glad the kiddos have a chance finally for outdoor activity together. In TX the weather can often keep you inside. I have often seen my grandson look dejected for lack of playmates. Young ones sure need the stimulation of others their own age. Being in the water, pool or beach, makes the contact extra special.

Dona Zarosinski

Hooray for swimming! If I was nearby, I would lend you my daughter’s water polo parka! Full-length fleece lined! Love your houses!


Your borders are just what the houses needed for the finishing touch! Next time Eva has swim practice I'll bet you'll take a nice sweatshirt with you! The kids probably felt like they were let out of jail after so long without being together--don't we all, really? 😎


outdoors is definitely safe with distance. I think closing playgrounds was a mistake. just wear a mask. yes, the kids will be closer physically on a playground but there is so much air and they are constantly moving. that's my 2c for the day.

I love the finished quilt. Really really lovely.

Sue Slater

I love your finish! I downloaded the patterns and thought I might do it, but when looking closely thought it might be over my pay grade. You have inspired me once again and I will pull the instructions back out, pull up my big girl panties and give it a go. Thanks for sharing.


I can't imagine swimming outdoors in March, as we have snow flurries in our weather forecast! But how wonderful for Eva to get out and be around other girls. A bit of "normal" returning to life.

I love your red houses quilt. It will look lovely on your porch! I also downloaded the patterns, and although it kept getting moved down my to do list, I'm now inspired to get to it.


Wow what a trooper! I'm such a weenie when it comes to the cold, no way would I be dipping even a toe in that water :) Oh and loooove the quilt! Turned out perfect!

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