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March 30, 2021


Deb in SC

That block is just adorable!!! You make me want to start some!

Janet S

These are wonderful fabrics. Now, why would anyone stop you from more quilt projects that you love to do? It's okay if you have to put out all new quilts each day in the fall. Life is short, enjoy the journey.


Oh I like that block! While my heart and my home belong to Kim Diehl fabrics, I like to pull out Lori's prints and play sometimes. In fact I am working on seasonal table runners right now using the farmgirl patterns and her fabric. Hope to find someone who wants them!

Cheree Hull

Love that little block and the fabric combos! Perfect!

Debbie R.

Love the colours and energy - perfect for spring! Have fun playing with this happy palette and cute pattern.


Call the Quilt Police?? I don't see the problem already own the fabric & you need seasonal toppers! One can never have too much quilty goodness, so go for it!

Sue Slater

One can never have too many red and white fabrics; they are timeless and appropriate for so many things. Love this latest project!


That will be fun and I love that it is tiny. Also, if you do make a red and white quilt please send to me. Somehow, I haven't made one for myself. Dang, I will have to get on that some day. ;p


There is no such thing as too many Red and White quilts, lol. Lovely fabric for a lovely pattern, great combo, you do it so well.

Robby H.

Those pinwheels will carry you right through July if you wish. They feel so summery, like a puff of a breeze would send them spinning.

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