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March 10, 2021



Thank you,thank you. I usually love the books you recommend!


Thanks for the book reviews. More for my TBR queue!


Your book reviews are always very professional & honest. I like the personal observations you include, such as the Spanish flu/COVID coincidence & how a turn of events can change everything in an instant. Thanks for the effort you put into your blog writing--it's appreciated! Stay well!

Deb E

I just finished "Monogamy" and totally agree with your comments! I'm still thinking about that book, and how the husbands actions affected the rest of his wife's life. Found that one in the "new" section of the library, so when I return today I'll look for the other two. I appreciate your recommendations AND your lovely blog!

Ramona Chester

Thank you for these great reviews. I will be searching these out now. I always love a great book.

Dusty Huxford

Thank you for sharing. I am ready to read some new books. Good timing for me. I so appreciate you putting books out there for us to enjoy. I’ve been reading more with being at home more due to the pandemic.

Kathleen G.

I was happy to see your review of the new Susan Meissner book. I loved "As Bright as Heaven" and "The Last Year of the War." I will look forward to reading this new one, as well as the other two you reviewed. Appreciate your posting books you enjoyed


Thank you for sharing. I have not read the 3 books you mentioned in the article but I have read "The Fall of Marigolds" by Susan Meissner, it is very interesting to me.

Linda townsend

Thank you so much for your recommendations.

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