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March 15, 2021



The new blocks are cute & a nice addition to the others! That's great news about your dad being 'in the pink'! (Where did those wonderful old sayings originate?) You really had a busy Sunday with dinner & Eva as a bonus! Congrats on getting your vaccination scheduled--WHO ever dreamed we'd be saying THAT? Stay well!

Dona Zarosinski

Love the beehive! I know you love tiny big is that one? Thank you for all you share with us.

Grace Thorne

i love the blocks and the colors you chose


YAY!!! I'm hoping to get the Johnson & Johnson one when it's my turn...1 shot and done. ;p

So glad to hear your dad is doing well. Wouldn't an entire quilt of bee hives be fun? You can make them all different colors/fabrics with one big queen bee block in the middle.

Ugh. hate the time change. just throws us off for days. Well, at least the sun is shining today.


Yay for shot scheduling! I think the adjustment to DST became harder when they moved it so early in the year. When it was in early April, almost all of us still woke to a bit to daylight. Regressing to waking in the dark is not helpful. But, until I run for office on my "Smarter Daylight Savings Time" platform I think we're stuck with it. TBH, it runs to0 late in the fall, too. Or maybe I'm a little cranky from having to wake up in the dark today. LOL

sue s

I like seeing the Moda quilts in repro fabrics; I've started some repro quilts and am enjoying seeing where they are used well.
I hate the first few days of DST and it definitely goes too late in the fall. Glad your dad's better.
Got my first shot last Tuesday! but it's Moderna so 4 week wait for #2. Getting closer!!


Hope your shot goes okay and not too much soreness. Love your blocks!

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