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March 04, 2021



I had a pastel color pallet all picked out for the Little Blocks 365, but quickly found myself diving into the scrap bin for some color variety. It was only after putting them up on the design wall, I realized that a burst of color was needed. I too am running behind.

Mary Kastner

They look great and very well pieced.


Your paper piecing is impressive! Those blocks are proof that you're not a 'sissy' when it comes to tackling a challenge! Stay well!


really adorable! did your order from Fat Quarter ever ship? I haven't bothered to send an email. I figure they are so overwhelmed it won't speed up my shipment. :(

Oh, well. I am so fortunate that my pipes aren't broken, my home isn't water damaged and my governor isn't just encouraging the virus to spread. Did you see what is happening in Jackson, Mississippi? 16 days of no water with no timeline on when it will be fixed. Heartbreaking. My problems are very very small.

Enjoy the lovely weather....remember, Eva needs P.E. so get out and enjoy it!


Love your little blocks! Several of my friends are doing this, but I haven't even started mine :( The overachiever friend is sashing four blocks with a creamy solid and will then border them with a black she said. They looked really cute when she showed us. I think I may copy her :)

Debbie R.

Your blocks look great!

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