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March 26, 2021


Teresa Justice

I love your idea of using them to make table runners. I enjoy paper piecing and can't wait to see what you do with your blocks.


I didn’t join the Little Blocks 365 for the same reason you are talking about.I can’t imagine the weight of a quilt with those tiny blocks. The tablerunners are a great way to showcase those blocks. I have used some of my tiny blocks that way though I usually mix up the colors. It’s a great way to enjoy those sweet blocks.


I'm making a small wall hanging quilt that uses only 56 blocks (that is, if I stick with my original plan). So I won't be making all of the blocks in the series. I think they lend themselves best to any "small quilt" type of thing, like a wall hanging, pillows, and table runners or squares.

T Holzer

Have you considered making a tote bag from your blocks??


I thought that getting the patterns for so many blocks was a great idea, plus I'd learn to paper piece. So far I haven't made a one, and have no idea what I'd do with them if I did. BUT...I do think smaller projects would be the thing. Maybe wall hangings, or table runners like you mentioned.

Karen B

I'm planning on a wall hanging but I'm not sure how large I want it. I may make two-one for home and one for my office.


Those are good suggestions everyone has made so far! A tote bag is thinking outside the box & might be cute for poolside books, snacks, water etc. during the summer! Enjoy your weekend! Stay well!


Maybe a few strippie quilts? So sweet and old fashioned abd will use up even more material!


table runners would be beautiful! different color schemes for different times of the year. love that idea.

there are some good suggestions above...I may use some of them. have a lovely weekend! ;p

Janet S

All these suggestions are great. Like you said, it would end up being too large/heavy and you wouldn't even appreciate each block. Table runner all the way.


You could also use them for mug rugs or pin cushions. I don't do much paper piecing because I get frustrated with it. I had this week off for spring break and so for I haven't done any quilting. I've spent time with my grandchildren and relaxing. I hope you get lots of sewing time in next week.

Donna B.

I am having the same dilemma. How to use them to give them the best chance to shine. Some are show-stoppers and I think that element will be lost in a large quilt. I am thinking of using them to frame table toppers or wall hangings. I sew for a charity that supports our small local community hospital. So I'm sure many will end up in projects to raise money for that support. Love making the unique designs.


I wasn’t going to sign up until I saw your precious blocks! I felt so lucky to get added into the group after your warning. I am working on a Lori Smith appliqué/pieced pattern and wondered how in the world I would be able to piece the 6” blocks accurately. When I saw the paper pieced blocks I tried enlarging the 3” patterns to 6” and that works well. There is such a great variety that lots of the patterns are the same or very similar to the ones in her pattern. So thanks for sharing! The paper pieced ones are super well done with the excellent cutting measurements.


I think your idea of smaller projects with the blocks is a good one. You could make a few tablerunners, tabletoppers, mini wallhanging, long pillow, or even bedrunner. So many possibilities. I think someone even mentioned a totebag which would be super cute!

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