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March 18, 2021


sue s

Oh, what a timely prompt for me to work on mine! They are part of my COVID quilt; a house full of quilting for each month of stay-at-home. Since I'm still home I'd put it aside. I have #14-16 to make.
Shot #1 done last week! And yes, there were shorts and tees outside yesterday although it was a breezy day.

Juliana Ellington

I love all house quilts, and this one is really special! I can't wait to see your next progress update. I sympathize with 54 feeling too cold. I'm from GA where 54 is chilly, but I now live in Detroit, and 54 is indeed almost balmy! It's all relative, isn't it? Best wishes for warmer temps soon.


I had forgotten about your Little Village quilt along. I agree that too many directional pieces give me a headache! I'm laughing at you saying 54 degrees is probably flip flop weather...I ironed a couple of Spring shirts yesterday hoping it would be 'warmer' & I could wear them to quilt retreat! Our high today is supposed to be mid-50's and since you mentioned it, I may even wear those flip flops...Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Looks like rain in the Creek today and cool here as well. I am so over all this and I know it is not over. Stay safe and stay well! YOur blocks are so cute!


I live in Saskatchewan. It was zero yesterday, so I brought out the birkinstocks! Summer is short, we've got to stretch it as far as possible😊
I've been reading your blog for ages and enjoying the tips I've picked up, thank you.

Annie O

Love those house blocks! I’ve often thought of doing some—another quilt on the “someday “ list. It has been cold at the coast in SoCal too—down to 39 the other night, and 50s many daytimes. Combined with a windy day, it’s cold!


I really like your house blocks! Can't say as I blame you about the outside temperature though. I am a Florida transplant from Michigan. Fifty-four degrees is a bit on the chilly side even for me. Lately, we have had some beautiful weather here.

Teresa Justice

These are very cute blocks and yours look great, especially since red is becoming one of my favorite fabrics.

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