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March 03, 2021



Hurray! OK you made my day. My heart is with you on all of those bindings... and you may want to revisit appliqué now, too! A million hugs.


Good to know. I have binding you do in my near future. Just ordered a pack.

Linda S

Fat Quarter Shop has them on sale this month for $3.49

Mary Kastner

Great tip, thank you so much!


Good to know! Thanks for Carol's input & your doing the investigation! I'll go take a look at FQS's sale as a bonus! Stay well!


I definitely prefer shorter needle. Longer needles just get bent. :(

Robby H.

It always surprises me how much difference such a small thing can make. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,they'll go on my next order.

Barbara Bennett

I love the Black Gold needles but find they break easily. I rarely break other needles.

T Holzer

Thanks for the review and I'll definitely try them!

I'd also like to suggest you turn your quilt so you are approaching it as though you were hemming a skirt for ease in stitching.


Thanks for the update on binding needles. I'll definitely put them on my list.


Oooo good review! I will have to try them out! Thanks Carol!

Debbie R.

Thanks for this review. Will definitely try them!


Hi Carol, I use the black gold needle all the time for applique and love love love them. I use a clover needle threader and no problem. They were recommended to me back in 2013 when , on a quilt tour to Houston, a lady in our group was there because she co-won the Baltimore applique quilt section and she said the one thing she recommended was these needles ( her quilt took 5 years in the making !). In Australia these needles sell for anywhere from AU$9-11 per pack, but I think they are worth it. Best wishes, Suzanne

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