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March 16, 2021


Carol in Texas

Nicole, does your heavy starching of your fabrics prevent their fraying when the top is completed? My most hated activity is clipping away loose threads on a finished top. I started one yesterday and there are a million fraying threads to clip away.....tedious, mind-bending activity. I can only do it a bit at a time because it drives me crazy!


Great design!


That's a nice-sized quilt that will probably give more participants a chance to finish by the end. I like your lighter Spring fabric colors! The cross-stitch option is really cute! Stay well!


OMG...that cross stitch is adorable! I don't think I could make it on a dark background but I love it. Wouldn't it be fun to make the quilt AND the cross stitch to have in a guest room?

I really love Cory's fabrics. I've made a couple of quilts with her fabrics.

I hope you have sun today? It is sunny here. Cold but sunny. Did you see on the news what Colorado and Wyoming are enduring? The snow is just crushing them. Poor folks. :(


I ordered the kits for Serendipity because it was so different. Super excited to get this one started and finished! This will look great in any color combination I think.


OMG there are so many great quilalongs going on now! That does look like a good one, I may need to do it :)

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