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March 23, 2021


Robby H.

Looks like you have all the bases covered on the kitchen front. Drooling over here.

I imagine your dad's doctor was a little surprised by his weight gain. Although he's probably both eating and drinking more with company to share it with as happens with so many older folks.


I just love your quilt top. I still need to add a couple borders to mine, but I'm just not feeling it either.


That's terrific news about your dad's weight gain! You & your sisters have really made the effort & it's paying off! What a great feeling of accomplishment you all must have! Your border is just right to frame those houses! Have a good week! Stay well!

Debbie R.

Glad to hear that your father is doing so well. The quilt is looking good. And your descriptions of the cake and soup are making me very hungry! As for those "empty tank" times, you described them perfectly. And your recipe for filling your tank — doing nothing — is just what is called for. Have a great week.


Good news about your father! He is well blessed to have his daughters around him to care and demonstrate their love for him. Your little village is looking so good. The white blocks make it really sparkle.


That is wonderful about your dad. I would have thought the doc would be delighted. I read in the paper yesterday that the entire nation has gained weight this past year. Your dad's gain was intentional. The nation? Not so much. ;p

The quilt is really lovely. Hope you can get out for a walk again today. It is good for the mind. Besides, Eva needs the break too.

Anita L Jackson

o gosh, I love those cakes!

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