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April 13, 2021


Kerry L.

Your blocks look great Nicole! Those blocks are trickier than they look. I made some last month and did the same mistake as you😂. Envious you have lovely pots outside already! Have a great week!


Those colors are so soft looking. Glad it turned out to be an easy fix! What pretty plants on your porch to enjoy for months! Ozzie blends in with the pot & shadows...the little scamp! 🐶 Stay well!

Jocelyn Thurston

Such pretty Album blocks. YOu did some wonderful flower and fabric shopping. I have some Roselyn too and it seems I'm not done with red quilts yet either. Love Ozzie.


You're doing a wonderful job of planting on my porch. ;p

The blocks look wonderful. I really like the colors. Enjoy the lovely weather. We got our 1st shot this past weekend...yay!


They look great! Funny how a little thing like that can mess it up. So glad you saw it when you were only 4 in, instead of 12. It's going to be awesome!

sue s

Good catch on those blocks! I only noticed after you pointed it out, and then it's so obvious! Glad it was an easy fix. We are not ready for plants yet, but things are really budding out after several days of rain.

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