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April 16, 2021


Wendy Currie

Great advice Nicole!
In this online shopping world of ours it can be such a leap of faith ordering solids. I am currently using and stocked up on the off white and quite like it. I also have a bolt of kona snow on hand be cause you just never know when you will need it.


Great info - thanks for sharing it! I have taken to writing fabric ID info on the selvedges, but creating a swatch book is probably a better idea!

Debbie R.

Very helpful. Thanks!

Patti McConnell

I usually use the off-white as well because that is mainly the only one I know! I did not think about the swatches. Thank you!


That is a good system to keep track and get the color you need. I don't think I have ever made a quilt that was all one line of fabric. I like to mix it up. I do more scrappy work though. Your quilts are beautiful and I think your new system will only help make that easier. Happy weekend.

Kathleen Gentile

Several years ago I purchased a Bella Solids Color Card (Fat Quarter Shop) that has all their color swatches on it (maybe not the latest ones). It was well worth the $45 to be able to match the color I needed for a particular project. I still keep a pinned note on the whites I buy to remind me just which white it was. So many different ones! You found a good solution.


What a great idea!


Whites & lights are often so close but if you get the wrong one it shows real quickly! Stapling the label on each one was a good idea because I know I'd have errant stickers everywhere in no time! Enjoy the weekend with your dad! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

What a great idea! Very helpful information. Thanks so much Nicole.

Rebecca Ball

Thanks for doing this.

Dona Zarosinski

Great research! Thank you.


This is a great idea, especially as some of the shades can be very close (I noted from your photo that there is both "bleached white" and "white bleached"!!!). My go-to is Kona Snow but there are times I want something else.


dang! what a clever idea to keep a small piece of each with the description attached.

hope you have a lovely weekend with your dad. don't forget to stop at the nursery and pick up some more plants for my porch. I like lots of colors. ;p


I absolutely looove this idea! Adding the extra Kona and Fig Tree is brilliant! I recently was using my friends Bella Color Card and it was still so difficult to try and figure out which color would work for my project. I think having a piece of fabric you can lay out near your fabric is great. I'm going to have to cut up what I have and make one :)

Kathy Czuprynski

I also have a Bella Color Card and am working on a My Favorite Color is Moda panel quilt called Spectrum. Kate Spain uses 9900-200 with her collection Confection. I have a bolt of 9900-98S, 9900-200S and the new Super White 9900-436S. I have all 3 bolts in Silky. A little extra, but feels amazing!

sue s

Thanks for this Nicole! I was just gifted a large amount of various white on white tonals, as well as a little cream. No info on selvages but I won't have to buy any now for awhile!


That's a great idea! I've always labeled my whites when I've bought them so I know which is which. My "go to" solid white is the unbleached 9900-97.

Sally K

As always, you have the best ideas! This one is so simple and will be so, so helpful. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend is lovely.

Carol in Texas

Thanks for this! I have added your blog entry to my Reading List column for future reference. It is SO helpful!

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