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April 06, 2021



Lovely fabric! I had no reaction from either Covid shot- hope you don’t either!


I had a sore arm after the first shot. After the second shot-everything in my body ached and the nausea was terrible. I spent 3 days in bed. Hope your encounter goes much better.


I’m so glad you posted about Serendipity a few weeks ago because I hadn’t seen it, and I love it! I’ve since donated and will be downloading the patterns as they are released. I agree the first row is "kind of a weird block" — perfect way to say it! I’ve been feeling the same about it! But I love the quilt overall and all the other rows.


Your Easter breakfast looks delicious! I'm guessing your dad is doing better & enjoyed eating with you, then your sisters later in the day! The colors for your Serendipity quilt are really pretty! Fingers are crossed that you'll have an easy go of it with your second vaccination! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

I have had both my shots. IT does make me feel better about going out in the world these days. Still being very cautious with all the variances appearing. I hope we get back to somenormalcy soon. Looks like your Dad is doing well considering the circumstances. I need a haircut and that is freaking me out a bit. Take care and stay well.


Congratulations on your second shot! You must feel so relieved. I get mine on Friday and have cleared my weekend to be sick...!


I've had both shots (Moderna). My arm ached after the first one but after the second, I had the arm ache along with body aches, chills, and headache beginning the next day and lasting about 12 hours. Not terrible but you might want to plan an easy day tomorrow just in case.


congratulations on your 2nd shot! it is such a good sign that your dad wants all that hoopla. his spirits are good and he is eating. yay!


I got the Pfeitzer vaccine. No reaction after the first, but w4 hours or so of fatigue, chills and general 'blah' after the second. I agree, plan a couple of quiet days afterwards just in case you need to take some naps😊.
Love the Camellias, and the breakfast. Time with parents is precious. I miss being able to visit my Mum. Let's hope for 'soon'!


I had the Moderna shots too. Exact symptoms that Cathy described above for the 2nd dose. The first night was "fitful" sleeping, then the 12 hours of body aches, skin crawling feeling, and headache. Slept well that night and next morning fine.

Your blocks and your breakfast with your father both look wonderful!

sue s

You're doing a nice job of catching up on quilting. Sounds like a nice Easter for your dad (and you). Got my second shot (Moderna) this morning. Sore arm so far- we'll see what tomorrow brings!


Love the blocks and camelias, so pretty!

Janice J Gaugl

I love the flower picture between the quilting. Your breakfast looked perfect. Have you seen the new gadget? It seems to be popping up in lots of places. I got a pink one and it comes in real handy.

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