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April 19, 2021


sue s

I also pick up a layer cake if I really like the fabric. There was a lilac collection several years ago that I ended up buying bits and pieces and a layer cake for over the year whenever I saw it, because I didn't have a plan but KNEW I needed it! I continue to collect pattern ideas for it so someday....
I love the idea of you two discussing bathing suits! Isn't phone technology grand?

Robby H.

Buying fabric on spec? Never, no, well, not too often, once in a while? Ha, ha.

My own father will sometimes eat a good meal, but sometimes he just wants soup. We've developed a rotation of approved soups. I think what he really wants is a nice dinner roll or biscuit to go with it. Perhaps your dad would enjoy that too? I think that generation always had a breadbasket, even when there wasn't much else. I imagine the other thing your dad really enjoys more than the food is your company.


Glad your dad will eat soup. I could bake treats that my oldster dad would eat. He ate a lot of Marie Callendar pies in his last years too. He is so lucky to have all the daughters help. Glad he is in the pink. Don't forget to take care of you too!


Yay for your dad enjoying soup & eating a good bit of it! Marie Callender's is a food knew that, right? I usually buy fabric with a particular pattern in mind rather than a bit of something with no plan. To each her own & I say if it makes you happy, go for it! Those are both cute layer cakes! I like both of the bikini choices for Eva! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Cute swimsuits. Hard to believe summer is almost here. It sounds like your Dad is doing pretty darn good. He is lucky to have you close by. The layer cakes are really nice fabrics. So tempting for me until I open the closet doors in my sewing room. Have a great week!



I like the orange suit too. Oh, well. Eva gets the final vote. I'm glad to hear your dad is doing well. :)


I frequently shop Etsy for missed collections— instead, I am springing for the fat quarters of strawberries and rhubarb, UP FRONT!

The orange suit would have come home with me!


Yes, those two lines are good ones! I snagged a fat eighth of Back Porch last year but have been hoarding it. Now I'm thinking I should pick up a layer cake too. Fat eighths seem to be my go to for precuts if I really like them, only sometimes there's not enough. It's tough just buying without knowing what its for. My dad used to love soup too! Homemade onion soup or Safeway's Butternut Squash were his favorites. My husband would make him fresh onion soup with a big piece of crusty bread and swiss cheese on top...he'd be in heaven :) Oh and I would've got both of the suits, except if she's like my grand she won't wear it if she doesn't like em.

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