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April 21, 2021


Jane of MN

When I repeat or forget something, I just chalk it up to old age. Good luck!


I thought you were going to say you cut through one of those wires lying on your cutting mat (first picture). That’s why it was titled Oh Yes I Did.
Glad that was not the case!! 🙂

Kathy Czuprynski

At least you can use them! I started on the first blocks and tried the easy hourglass method and, of course, all 6 were made 1/2" too small. Second set way too big but I can trim accordingly! I'm hoping the kit has lots of extra fabric for mistakes.


You provided me with my chuckle of the day! Laughing with you, not at you.


That is too funny! Well, now you are ahead of the game. You better put a large note in a predominate place to remind you! It's so pretty.


I was thinking you might use the extras for parts of the border. Good that you can put them somewhere else in the top! Otherwise, I use leftovers from tops to piece part of the backs of my quilts & I would have suggested doing that! It makes a little surprise on the back. Stay well!


lol been there. done that. ;p enjoy your day!

Robby H.

Who knows! Maybe you'll be extra delighted those flying geese are already made when you get to the section that calls for them. But that feeling when you discover those things is one most of us will know at some point.


Always such a comfort to know I am not the only CRAZY NUT around here! Xoxo

Annie O

Very pretty! My brain has gone to mush this long hunkering down—it’s the stress!
That’s a lot of starching to do—my finger would wear out on the button!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Why do you starch your backing? Dp upi [ress ot after ot droes

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I can see something happened with that last sentence. It was supposed to say Do you press it after it dries?

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