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April 12, 2021


Grace Thorne

lovely fabrics....minick & simpson never falter...i think all their fabric lines are gorgeous!


I love the flower combinations. That sedum really pulls the yellow/golds from the other flowers. I've never seen one in that color. But of course, being here in the north, you get a completely different selection of plants for this planting zone.
Can't wait to see the new red and white quilt! Do you have a pattern picked out?

Robby H.

I'm not a big gardener, but I'd have a hard time resisting those beauties! And the more red quilts the more scraps that work together. (wink, wink)

Jane Eilderts

Beautiful flowers! I love Roselyn too. What are your plans with it?


I think that sedum may be called Angelina, a pretty ground cover in the right conditions.

Mary Kastner

You can't go wrong with Minick and Simpson. I need to decide what I want of that line. I keep procrastinating. Your flowers look lovely. They will make you smile and if you are like me these days, that is important! Have a wonderful day Nicole.



Roselyn is going to make a lovely quilt! I like the pink tones in some of the fabrics. You hit the jackpot at that garden center! Have a great week! Stay well!


gorgeous plants! enjoy the weather. maybe Eva won't freeze at her swim meet this week.

also, don't let the news scare you about outbreaks of covid in kids from athletics.

everything I've read in detail says they don't know for sure where the outbreak started but THINK it was from carpooling and/or locker rooms. not from the actual participating in sports.

make sure her locker room visit is very brief and that they wear their masks in there. ;p

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