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April 07, 2021



I've used the triangles on a roll. My problem with them is removing all that paper. I've got the Eleanor Burns geese rulers, both sizes which makes 4 different size geese. Some wasted fabric with her method, but it works well and you've got to pay close attention to what you are doing. I love the couple of Bloc Locs that I have. Problem with them is the cost. Looks like every method has some sort of issue....


I am going to follow these comments. Flying geese units are very troublesome for me. My flying geese units are often wonky. I have one Loc-Bloc flying geese ruler. Multiple sizes are a cost factor. When you say you make them larger, what is your method for that? Adding larger triangles to the sides of the center cut at the correct size?

Kerry L.

I love the Fit to be Geese rulers by Monique Dillard. Two rulers for a cost of $27 gives you lots of sizes and perfect geese every time with little waste. Glad you got your shot Nicole!


I have tried so many methods. I find some of the rulers confusing or at least, not intuitive, and I forget how to use them between projects. I like triangles on a roll when using fat quarters but they don't work efficiently for scraps. Bloc Loc is my favorite but they are expensive to buy.

sue s

I use Tucker's Wing Clipper very successfully. There are many cheat sheets online for 4 at a time, so I do that method and then trim with the clipper. I haven't tried any of the papers yet, and Bloc-Loc is more than I want to spend when I can get all sizes on the clipper. PS Nicole- only arm soreness so far from #2 shot.

Lisa D.

Eleanor Burns' Flying Geese Rulers are THE BEST. There are 2 rulers for the most common block sizes. If I need a block that's a different size, I use Monique's Fit to be Geese rulers. There's a little more waste with the Quilt in a Day rulers, but I'll gladly sacrifice a little fabric for accuracy.

Patty Fowl

I have used the Triangles on a Roll papers from Fat Quarter Shop when the pattern called for lots of flying geese They are super easy to use and come out perfectly. Otherwise, I love my Bloc Loc rulers and also have Monique Dillards Fit to be Geese Ruler also. Nicole, is your granddaughter usually in in-person school and still homeschooling?

Louise Volkman Bell

I LOVE Eleanor Burns' flying geese rulers. There is a little waste but not enough to matter unless I'm really low on fabric. You make four identical geese at at a time, so obviously it's not the best choice for geese where you want to make singles or ones with two different fabrics for the smaller triangles.

I've learned to make any size with the rulers by using the 90-degree point (if you have the ruler(s), this will make sense) to start cutting so I can make sure the angle is right, and then I just use a basic square ruler with a 90-degree angle marking to sort of freehand-cut the rest. This won't make sense unless or until you learn how to use the ruler, but once you do, it solves the problem of the rulers not having every size.

And as far as how large to cut the two squares, one small and one large, whatever your FINISHED block width is, you add 1.5" to that for the smaller square (which is the single triangle in the middle) and 1.5" to THAT (or 3" to the finished width) for the two star points. So for a block that finishes at 2" x 4", your smaller square would be 5.5" and the larger would be 7".

That's probably more information than you want, but someone reading this may find it helpful ::grin::


I have other BlocLoc rulers & find them easy to use so I would think their flying geese rulers would be similar. I swear by Monique Dillard's Fit To Be Geese rulers & have two that give lots of size choices. Congratulations on the second shot! I hope you have minimal reaction! Stay well!

Michele Klein

I use Deb Tuckers Wing Clipper for flying geese. Very similar to Eleanor Burns method except you only have one ruler that makes multiple sizes. She has very detailed videos on how to use it.


yeah, I am not a fan of Eleanor Burn's ruler. :( I really think Bloc Loc is the best.

yes, homeschoolers get half days too!

Robby H.

BlocLoc works well, but they're pricey if you want more than one size. I've had success with EB's rulers, too. I'm currently eyeing the Creative Grids Flying Geese ruler, so I was hoping I'd see someone comment on that here.

Barbara Forde

I LOVE the Quilt in a Day rulers. Perfect flying geese every time. Also trimmed to size so they are all perfect. Can’t recommend her ruler and method more.


Love Eleanor Burns flying geese rulers. Tried several other methods and mine always came out
wonky. I get perfect ones every time. Also, I've always hear people saying you get a lot of waste. I feel there is a little, but with the perfection of the blocks, to me it is worth it.


I'm another happy customer of Burns' and really like working with her flying geese rulers!

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