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April 22, 2021



The hubby put a shut down timer on my computer. If there is any game playing after 9:30, it shuts down and I can not get back on until after 6:00 in the morning. I have been known to play until the wee hours of the night and not getting enough sleep. Something so simple has made a big difference.


I’m in the same situation with over ordering on fabric. I went though my old stash to donate and make room and I was only able to find two fat quarters I could live without—so I just kept them, because that is not enough to donate! LOL I am on the hook for fat quarter sets of Brenda Riddle Sophie, Fig Tree Strawberries and Rhubarb, and two sets of American Gatherings. (I forgot I had already preordered It) Unfortunately, no wine was part of these decisions. You are sew productive, I honestly think you will use all yours up— LOVE everything you are working on. Xoxo

T Holzer

Beautiful, Nicole!

Debbie R.

Your blocks are beautiful! As for your fabric shopping, you will definitely have enough for years of sewing enjoyment!

Mary Kastner

A lot of beautiful fabric! Love the blocks.



You only go around once, so you might as well enjoy the ride! If the fabric makes you happy I say go for it--Chardonnay or not! Happy sewing! Stay well!

Annie O

Very pretty blocks! I like the add a quarter ruler too.
My fabric storage has no room but I still stop by the fabric store “just to see”—and never come home empty-handed! My best excuse is that I want the two shops in town to stay in business.


those are gorgeous blocks!


I am in a fabric buying drought, nothing appeals to me, I've not bought fabric in a year, please share your purchases.

sue s

I go in fits and spurts- "No more fabric", I say. It lasts one or two months. Then a QAL comes along and I "have" to pick up a few pieces. Then, since I'm paying the shipping already, I start looking.... I try to leave it in my cart overnight and sometimes that helps. The answer is, enjoy! It makes us happy.


Love your blocks and fabric choices! She really does make nice fabric lines, I may need to get some. Yes, that ruler is a must have for paper piecing, honestly don't know how to do it without it. Can't wait to see what else you got :)

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