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April 20, 2021



Your golds are really rich looking & the dots are especially pretty! It's hard to carve out time for yourself so I'm glad you're finding a few minutes here & there to work on the blocks! I love hearing that Eva's school work includes book club--it's never to early to start! Stay well!

Robby H.

The anticipation of summer freedom doesn't end when we leave school, does it? Meanwhile, it sounds like time well spent with Eva.

Rebecca Ball

I have the same problem when I can't sew much. I will buy and buy. We can fondle the fabric at least when it arrives. The anticipation of receiving it is a positive for those of us with the absolute drive to create.

I cared for my granddaughter a lot over the years - she was a preemie with bad lungs - and I now so treasure that time. Creating will wait for about 6 more weeks. I taught the granddaughters to piece and quilt - they use my longarm. Now the 14 year old is beginning to make money by quilting for others. It all works out in the end.

Debbie R.

I feel your pain! All I want to do is sew, too. But life and work take most of my time. I try to curb my buying, since I already have more fabric than I could use in a lifetime. But the occasional purchase and a lot of late-night fabric patting fill a little bit of the hole in my desire to sew. Here's hoping for more sewing time ahead! In the meantime, what we are doing is important and valuable.

Mary Kastner

The gold fabrics are beautiful. They will add a lot of sparkle to blocks. I am trying to finish some tops into quilts. Imagine that !



I'm not quite at crazy person stage with my fabric buying yet but I've been very tempted. Currently mulling over the purchase of red-white-and-blue collections from Minick & Simpson to make a pattern by Primitive Gatherings.


Hopefully, summer will free all of you up so you can just enjoy being nanna and getting some time to sew. :) Are you going to Ireland this fall? Things are just so unpredictable it is hard to commit to anything.


I too am buying too much, but it will be winter and we have to be ready! I have a fat eighth bundle of Cider that wants to be made into a sampler. I haven’t decided on patterns for Dover, Elenor’s Endeavor, or Meadow Lane, I also wisely bought some creamy Grunge, a backing, and two backgrounds. Oh and then two pattern books. I tell myself I have to have things to do if I must stay home. So far I’m believing myself!


Lol! We're not crazy we're the ultimate consumers! Plus, it really is an investment as I keep hearing how the cost of fabric is going to go up...again :( Enjoy your fabric!

Peggie Riccio

Well, here I am, confessing along with the rest of you fabric fiends! I, too, have to come up with some pretty good reasons why going to my sewing room vs. pushing around some dust must take priority. I am also dealing with a 'new to me' fur baby. She is named after my mother, and now I see many similarities. At first she was very inquisitive and naughty in my sewing room, and acting like a 3 year old kitty would. Now, she is much better and actually becoming my sewing buddy, as did my last kitty. I discovered that she likes to have music, so I play the oldies and she curls up in the big chair and takes a nice nap, and I am in heaven. I am trying to use my's hard to give the beautiful pieces up....what's wrong with that train of thought? I try to buy locally from the quilt shops and I would get coupon folders from JoAnn's. It has been so long since I have been in JoAnn's that my folders no longer come. Oh well, they'll be back someday. Now I buy online from well-known sources and pay shipping and a little higher on yardage. So let's carry on and sew fellow fabric fiends!


I've made a couple of Margot's designs - they always come together well.

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