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April 26, 2021



I agree with your comment on the block - repeated in a quilt, it would make a really interesting design.
Glad to hear the news of your dad's eyesight improving. Although I haven't read the book, Wolf Hall, I did see the series on PBS and found it fascinating. I hope he enjoys the book.

Janet S

Happy for your father. Please, can I ask if his treatment is because of getting a shot in his eyes? MY husband has macular and has been getting shots for maybe 3 years to 'stabilize' his vision but it hasn't improved. It would be so nice to see him read again.


Wolf Hall was shown on PBS with Mark Rylance in the title role. Excellent!

Nancy Alderman

I got about 400 pages in and couldn’t go any further! Happy to hear that the treatments worked for your dad. Not being able to read is a horrible thing.

Taria Wilson

I am so glad that your father can read again. I am learning to appreciate audio books. That is a good looking block. Glad you are enjoying the sew along there.

Carol in Texas

Wolf Hall is one of my all time favorite books! I have read all three of the trilogy and the first is still the best. PBS turned it into a very good series as well. It is beautifully written.

Another of my very favorites is New of the World. They have just recently made a movie of that too, but the book is terrific. I highly recommend it.

Good for your dad! How wonderful to hear the eye treatments are helping. In so many cases they do not.


That's a wonderful report on your dad's successful treatments! I'm sure he's thrilled to be reading once again! What if you changed the dark corner blocks into half-square triangles? Have a great week! Stay well!


That is such great news about your dad! My poor dad had lost his vision due to the same thing and was never able to really "see" again. I also always love your "redos" it kind of makes it your own :)


Sewcialites is the highlight of my Saturday mornings. I think the blocks we're not so keen on will look fine when mixed in with the others.

Lovely to read about your Dad's treatment working.


HMM..I liked that block but only because I could see making it very scrappy, or two colors. But since I'm not making any of the Sewcialites blocks, I don't have to think about it! Glad your dad is getting back to reading. Treatment for macular degeneration can be a real miracle.

Kerry L.

Your blocks are lovely! Very impressed with your ability and commitment to keep up with your BOM’s!! What size are you making your blocks?

Arrowhead Gramma

Have missed you posting for the last few days. Hope all is well. Take care!

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