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April 08, 2021



Well your Summer Breeze is just darling!! I love it...perfect border greens!

Carla HR

Cute little quilt and lovely border, another successful finish for you. In between clues for a mystery quilt I started on a 1600 Jelly Roll race, I am using Bali Pops, only mine is more like 2000 as I wanted a bigger finished size, I am using the Missouri Star version 3 which separates the strips with triangles. A fun project with a quick finish. Good you got your vaccine, I also had no reaction whatsoever.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

sue s

Very cute! I also like the Carried Away patterns. I've made her Star Watch and have others to try. How nice for Eva to see her friends in person!

Kerry L

Love Carried Away patterns! They are well written and I am just finishing up the Star Watch pattern. How wonderful for Eva that she had the chance to see some classmates. Have a great weekend!

Cheree Hull

Beautiful quilt and yes, love the ribbon border. I have yet to do one but they are always so pretty!

Debbie R.

So nice and fresh-looking!!

Mary Kastner

Very cute quilt! I had my 2nd a couple of weeks ago. No problems. Be sure you read about do's and don't s after you are fully vaccinated.



Summer Breeze is so bright & cheerful! The ribbon border may replace the piano key border in my world! It's so cute! Congrats on Eva being in-person with her teacher & classmates! I know she was probably thrilled to be WITH them & not on a video screen! Enjoy your weekend! Stay well!


very exciting for Eva! too bad it is only 1 day a week. glad to hear you had no side effects.

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