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April 02, 2021



Gay Bomers from Sentimental Stitchess believes that fabric prices will be going up in a few months, so, see, it’s actually very wise for you to make these fabric purchases now. She thinks this is a good time to fill in your fabric inventory, so you are being very proactive. Happy shopping and sewing!

Wendy Currie

Happy Easter Nicole to you and your family...I also have a ham dinner in my future 😊

I also find myself sad when I put myself into a no buy period and miss out on some of the collections out there! Oh but I have so much fabric already lol

Patty Fowl

The Cake Mix papers are very easy and fun to use. I have done a few quilts with them. I have a bit of difficulty using them if I don't have a pattern written for them... I guess I don't have the foresight/imagination to look at the blocks they provide and then fit them into a pattern, unless the pattern was written for them. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them. Happy Easter to you and your family!!


Yesterday's fabrics along with today's are all so light & spring/summer looking. You'll enjoy learning a new technique with the Cake Mix papers plus ending up with a pretty new quilt! Ham dinner & some warmer temperatures here will make for a nice Easter Day! Have a happy weekend! 🌷🌼🌸 Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Happy Easter Nicole! Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully lots of sewing time.


Enjoy the lovely weather and have a peaceful Easter. :P

Yeah, I've missed out on a lot of fabric in 2020. I'm still trying to only use from what I have but I keep having to buy background fabric. That is the one thing I never have enough of. ;p


Happy Easter! Love the new quilt and thanks for the link! Although, when I read the pattern it seemed so confusing and it uses mini charm squares, so I'm wondering if you could just use leftover layer cakes squares? I'll be watching your progress :)

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