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May 25, 2021



I hate stitching bindings, too. So tedious! This quilt is lovely, and I'll bet you're wishing you had done the binding a long time ago.

You always inspire me with your quilt projects. I have so many things to do this week and wonder if I'll even be able to spend time sewing. Just seeing this quilt you show gives me an itch to let something go so that I can piece.


Sitting on the porch sewing down the binding looks relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing the complete quilt.


It's easy to see why you're wanting to get that binding finished! Your quilt will be beautiful on your bed! Enjoy that sunny porch! Stay well!

sue s

Beautiful quilt! It reminds me as to why I bought a fat 8th of repros last month (Elinore's Endeavor by Betsy Chutchian). I ordered the fabric so long ago I couldn't remember why! It is to supplement my stash. Thanks!

Mary Kastner

Your quilt is really beautiful. I need to get my quilt mojo back. I did a lot of appliqué during shutdown. Need a plan to make all those blocks into a quilt.


I tend to put bindings off too, though I don't mind doing them, except in the summer. The way I hand sew the last step, the quilt sits on my lap and that is too hot for much of the summer here. I have a quilt waiting for its binding but it's a Christmas quilt so I'm not feeling any sense of urgency about it.


the weather has been just lovely. why can't it stay this way? 72 degree tops is perfect. that quilt is just lovely and what a perfect place to sit and stitch.


My friend also hates sewing on bindings, while I really enjoy it. She has a long arm, and she quilts my quilts, and I do the bindings on hers. The trade off works beautifully for us!


Absolutely beautiful!! You will be so happy when the binding is on and you can use it! Keep pressing on 😊 love the quilting too!


Some years ago I slashed off the tip of my index finger. It was sewn back on, but I still (and will always) have an annoying nerve tingling. I always hated sewing on bindings anyway(my brain is off to the next project.) Sewing by hand, knitting is now not enjoyable. Bindings are now impossible.

This will offend some, but I now do my bindings by machine. I'm not going to enter any of my quilts in competition; most of my quilts are gifts and a machine binding is stronger for kids' quilts, etc. I prefer a flange binding which looks great and is easy to make sure you catch the flip side in the stitching. I use a combination of washable fabric glue and clips to make sure the binding is completely straight. As I said, I can't enter these quilts in competition, but for my needs, this works.

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