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May 19, 2021



Oh my, what a great find! How pretty are these and some little angel would love these in a quilt. Guess the answer is how big do you want the quilt to be??? Love this block and perfect for a baby girl...will see what you decide and either way a great top in the making!


I’m planning to make a Granny Squares quilt with lots of scraps I have from various projects. They’re all 'brights' so I think it’ll make a nice quilt altogether, and I’ll use a white as the background fabric. I plan to sash the blocks and have mini square-in-a-square blocks at their intersections, which will mirror the on-point appearance of the Granny Square blocks. I’m sure whatever you choose will look terrific!


Rather than, or maybe in addition to sashing, you could add alternate blocks to enlarge this quilt. You could make an appliqué block (a la Pam Kitty Morning March 26 little Scottie block). An appliqued heart would look really cute with your blocks. Shabby Fabrics carries a lot of really cute precut appliqué shapes, if you are interested in that.

Jackie Hicks

I would finish as is and use it as a table topper for valentines and/or on the porch for the summer. It is lovely!


So pretty! I'd go with a lattice. I hope you'll show the finished project.


I would do like Jackie suggested. A perfect tea party fable topper .


One of my favorite blocks! So pretty! It would be a great little quilt for Valentines or an amazing baby quilt! 🥰

marie Woodhouse

Awe what a nice surprize! love when that happens. It sure would be a nice table topper with all the blocks sewn together. If you find more fabrics to continue then that is another option, but it is up to you my dear. It reminds me of strawberries and that makes it a summer quilt. Are you following along with LBQ's Edyta Sitar's quilt along mystery?
Have a wonderful day, love reading my emails from you each morning, thank you.

Linda B

It is super cute! I think it would be great with a little sashing and blue-ish cornerstones, and a blueish border and binding. Piecing the Past just had a QAL called Grandma’s Hearth with similar blocks set on point. Love your colors!!! Let us know what you decide to do!

sue s

Making a scrappy Granny is on my List. These are very pretty! I like the idea of sashings- maybe a pink so you don't have to worry about matching?

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I love the blocks and love them separate and would love them with a lattice. What a splendid find!


Very cute blocks. I would add sashing. You could use it for Valentine's Day or save for a future baby.

Debbie R.

Wow! What a treasure. Those blocks are great! Yes, sashing. Baby quilt or table topper. It's going to be gorgeous! Maybe I should check the far corners of my closets to see if I have any treasures ...

Carol in Texas

What a nice surprise! I vote for white lattice. Carol in Texas

Lisa D.

A treasure indeed! Those blocks couldn't be cuter!

T Holzer

Ohhhhhhh, you've got to finish this, Nicole! It will be a stunner!! I didn't even realize that Pam Kitty fabrics aren't made anymore. I guess I didn't pay attention. But I loved them! I often think about your yellow, grey, cream 9 patch that you didn't finish. Am I remembering right??


Those gorgeous blocks will make a great baby girl's quilt. And, you're right! Sooner or later you'll know someone having a girl & your gift will be ready to go! I think I'd use a similar white for some sashing & maybe a border. Stay well!

Patty Fowl

If it was mine, I would add lattice strips...mainly because those white half square triangles can be "challenging" to get to line up perfectly to the next block. Lattice strips give you a bit of leeway. Finish it up... it is really pretty and I always love a Granny Square block and would be cute for Valentine's Day. I also loved Pam Kitty Morning fabrics!! How is your thumb, by the way? Hope you are seeing some improvement!!

Sandie Mackintosh

I believe Lakehouse Dry Goods is no longer in business, which would mean no more PKM fabrics.😢 Hope I sent enough of the Snowberry to do what you needed to do. If not just let me know! Happy Stitching!

Lisa S

I would add lattice strips. I found some blocks a few months ago and I honestly do not remember making them at all !! I must have because I recognize the fabrics I used. I had a boss who died last year at the age of 87, who always said ,, "Don't get old." Well, I didn't listen to him.


What a great find, lucky you! I'd make it up while the iron is hot (so to speak) with a narrow white lattice and small cornerstones, either in red or a coordinating colour.

Patty McDonald

Really cute. I would add the white lattice with a corner stone of the red or pink. If you want the quilt larger, you could use the white lattice for border with a pink or red scallop. Always loved the Pam Kitty fabric and I've wondered too why they stopped making it. Patty Mc


They are really cute blocks. I would also add white lattice, a small white border and bind it with a red check fabric. It would look lovely on your porch!


What a dilemma. If you don't have more of the white in the blocks, then maybe get something for the border and use it for sashing to keep everything together. No matter, it will be adorable.

Linda G Duncan

Pretty. Consider putting them on point and sashing.

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