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May 11, 2021



It looks great! I've been wanting to change a few things in my sewing room and you provided some good ideas. Thanks for the pictures - always an inspiration 😊 Take care of that hand and don't rush it!


So nice! I go in spurts cleaning and organizing my space, but most of the time it's a mess.


What a great sewing room and bet you love working there now....just don't over-do with your hand !!! Love how you have it set up and perfect for sewing...that quilt blocks on your design wall is very pretty and can't wait to see it it!!!

Robby H.

Color me green with envy! I sew at a dining table too. Unfortunately, it needs to be emptied for dinner each day. Thanks for the tour, I got an idea or two here.

Kerry L

Great job Nicole! What a lovely sewing room! I got some ideas from you!


Thanks for the tour! Your studio space looks great. I have the same magnetic pin holder. In fact, I have three (the other two are blue and purple). I prefer them to pincushions.


Looks great. Sorry about the injury and hope you heal fast. I love working in a tidy sewing room but it sure doesn't take much creative time to tear the place apart. Hope you are sewing again soon.

Mary Kastner

Great job! IT will be so much more fun to sew in there now!


T Holzer

Doesn't it feel so great to sew in an organized sewing space?? Great job, Nicole.

Debbie R.

Looks great! Clear surfaces ... clear sailing ahead! Thanks for the tour. Hope your hand is better soon.


Thanks for the tour, I love seeing other people's sewing spaces. Have you thought about making mini quilts and hanging them on the walls? I've seen that done by a few quilters and like the look. I want to do it in my next sewing space and I also want to be able to sink my sewing machine into a table like you did.

Cheree Hull

Looks nice! Is that little organizer from Home Goods a recent purchase? I have all of my rulers up on a shelf in a bigger organizer but I'd love to have the smaller ones that I use constantly down on my cutting table and that one looks like it wouldn't get in the way, esp with the rulers going up (insead of out). Prob heading to Home Goods this morning!


Your room looks so neat & organized! I'm going to send the picture of your ironing station to a friend. We were just talking about ironing boards/stations & I said I had seen photos of your's awhile back made with a shelving unit. Another injury? or the same thumb made worse?? Stay well!

Dona Zarosinski

Sew inspiring! You did it!


Your room looks good! One thing to consider about on putting a shelves over the sewing table - it can visually reduce the size of the room, and if can you reach items easily. I thought it was such a good idea to put up shelves filling the upper part of 2 walls of my sewing room. And it was, until - they got stuffed full. Now the room now looks smaller and cluttered. AND I can't reach much of the higher shelves over the sewing tables and desk without a step stool. Then again, I have trouble getting rid of books, even those I haven't opened in a long time.


really lovely. it makes such a difference to be able to see surfaces and move around freely. stay cool!

Nancy Alderman

Looking great! Wish mine looked half as good when I clean it up. Just an idea you might like. I got these sticky felt squares and hung them over my ironing area to keep track of all those pieces of paper we always seem to accumulate with our projects.
You can also buy just a single square. They leave no marks on the wall and I’ve put up and taken down papers many times and it’s still as sticky as when it was brand new!


Looks great! I love your Home Goods organizer. It looks like it holds a lot.


Thank you for the sewing room inspirations; mine definitely needs organization and improvements. Really like how your machine is recessed into the table. Any details you could provide on the "how to" on the surface of your ironing station?


Looks great! I love all of your little "holders" for things. Makes it look cute but practical at the same time :)

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