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May 07, 2021



There are is some great sewing room inspiration on Pinterest. I hate it when my sewing room gets to the point I don't even want to be in there.


We just seem to be living parallel lives because I am seriously shamed by the state of affairs! I have about five projects that just need a tiny bit of finishing up and I can’t find a square inch to lay out any of them! Its been this way since mid-April. And I want to spend Mother’s Day sewing—not cleaning, but one can’t happen without the other. GOOD LUCK!


Book cases from IKEA have saved my sewing room along with a couple of baskets. My problem is the dust bunnies that multiply like----rabbits.

Carol in Texas

Messy! Untouched! I have been trimming threads from the back of a top and just got sick of it and quit. It is spread across the ironing board and the backing and batt are spread awaiting the top for layering, but it has been that way for several weeks. I just do not want to do it. And I do not want to put away this project or it will never get done! Will power!!!!! I need to gather it and face the music! So i sympathize with your mood.

Patty Fowl

I have been in the process of refolding fabric that I keep in plastic storage bins in my sewing room closet. Some were so full, the lids would not even stay on! Within the last few months, I had a closet company install cabinets, counters on 3 walls around my sewing room. The counter is at sewing height where my sewing machine and computer are stationed and on one wall, the counter was elevated for cutting and pressing. I have loads of closed and open storage/book shelving below…I wish I would have done it long ago!

Kerry L

I feel your pain! I have my mum’s old kitchen timer in my sewing room and when things are out of control (aka messy )I set it for 20 minutes every day. That is my signal to stop and tidy my sewing room. This method works for me because I can still get some sewing done every day and the cleaning task isn’t so erroneous!

sue s

Until this week mine looked great. I had acquired a 1929 Singer from my neighbors' curb. Hubby got it running and then I had to make room for it, which I did by sorting and moving stuff around. I was making a few blocks every day on a couple of projects, no pressure, and everything was fine until I got a DReami (drop everything and make it) project! I'm so excited to work on it that there're fabrics and blocks everywhere! But I'm having fun so- so be it!

Annie O

There’s always a pile somewhere that needs to be sorted, scrap bins to be cut down and organized, and project boxes needing a cupboard or closet! I’ve got quilt storage in two rooms aside from the ones all over the beds and living spaces husband observes I’ve taken over!

Debbie R.

I think that once you start, you will be able to motor through! It's the starting that's the most difficult. I wish my sewing room was a mess. Haven't had any time to sew for a while. And not getting to spend time in my sewing room seems way worse than having to clean up. Good luck!! You will be so happy — and productive — when everything is back to rights.

Dona Zarosinski

Turn on some music and dive’ll probably find some treasures and inspiration along the way. I’ve only been in my sewing room ONE day this week and I’m twitching to get back in there. Good luck...take before and after photos for fun and satisfaction!


I like the sew then clean for 20 minutes method one of your commenters suggested! My sewing room has piles of stuff that need to be organized. But! I needed 2 safety pins the other day & went to the right 'pile' on the first try! Should I proud of that or embarrassed??

Mary Kastner

I am in the same situation in my quilt room as you are sad to say. I have set a timer for 15 minutes each day to tidy up before and it did work BUT at this point in time I just don't want to do it. I am in a funk about the state of things in general and it is really hard to just get through the day. Just tired of the whole thing. DO what you can and forget about it is my humble opinion.


Nancy Alderman

Mine is total chaos ☹️ I’ve got at least 5 (it might be more but I can’t see more than that right now) projects in the works right now. I’m beginning to get frustrated and will have to take some time to do some clean up very soon. Good luck with your efforts. If no before, maybe an after picture?


I am at a low point in my sewing room. Honestly, it is preventing me from getting even a small amount of sewing done. I would get in there and organize it again but my hands are not up to the task. So, I just sigh as I walk by. Hate that. :(


Mine is not exactly neat but it was worse. My sewing room serves multiple purposes and I was using it to store all the clothing I sorted out of my fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes. But I got that stuff bagged up and delivered to the thrift shop last week so it is better now. Still, it is "decorated" with mostly orphan furniture so nothing is ideal for sewing and quilt storage. In my next home, I plan to design my sewing room from scratch.

Lisa D.

My sewing room often reaches the point of disaster which really quashes any creativity in me. Mine was that way in December. It took me almost all of January to sort through and organize everything. I donated 5 bags of fabrics I would never use to a friend who makes amazing charity quilts. I catalogued everything I had left, even used an app called Cora to catalog my large pieces of fabric so I can now find the perfect back or background when I need it. Good luck, it's sometimes hard to get started, but it does loads for your creativity when everything is in order.


We had a plumbing leak in the master closet and gave it a makeover. THere were some 'parts' left over and I shelved my seing room closet. It really doesn't have any more storage but the fabric is all easy to get to. I am trying to work down my fabric stash because there is just too much in the room. It was pretty good until I got a long arm machine. I am grateful to have it so I deal with the small space. It kind of forces me to straighten up more often than I otherwise would have. Check out HD's CLoset Evolution if you might be interested in laminate shelving. It is easy to install and looks tidy.


I highly recommend the Billy bookcases from Ikea. I have 4 - 2 of which have doors on them. I separate my fabrics by color, Christmas, metallics, baby/children, Australia, Polka Dots, bright fabrics, African, Nicaraguan, 1/2 shelf for "All Creatures Great & Small" fabrics for a quilt, and 1/2 shelf for fabrics & printed covered bridges for an Oregon quilt. I have hundreds of yards including backings & hundreds of fat quarters, so you can imagine the scraps. Those are cut into certain sizes, ready for quick sewing into quilts. The best thing about my quilt room for organization are those Billy shelves - and the matching narrow one (it was advertised for CD's & DVD's year ago) which is crammed full of all my books. I tidy up fairly often now as I can't stand a mess and our home is small.

Jane of MN

It's good to hear everyone else is as frustrated as I am. With a small space, I have to pick up but then I don't remember where I put it - very time consuming but at least I have an excuse. Just do what you can.


I agree with one of the previous posts - put on some great music that gets you moving and start in. You'll feel re-energized when it's done!


I would love it if it only took me a day to get back to organized. I'm thinking at least five. Also my husband would have to leave for those days because he wouldn't be able to handle the mess I would have to make.


I wish you would do a 'before' and 'after' set of pictures! I need all the inspiration that I can get!


My sewing room is chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome)! I have a lovely room to sew in, but have too much stuffed into it so I have little "piles" everywhere. I bought some storage bins to try to help tidy it, but I think what I need to do is sew some projects so there is less fabric stash.

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