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May 18, 2021


Stephani in N. TX

I purchased that same Apricots and Ash, also purchased several of the Baltimore Album panels but without any gray, thinking I wou8ld make a whole quilt of BA blocks. It took so long to get the fabric plus my move, that I lost my good intentions. I also bought some amount of FQ's and border fabrics. I now have a glut of fabrics waiting for my attention. I am finally starting to see more of what quilters did with A&A that I am warming up to getting into that stash and seeing what I have. I also bought Holliberry yardage, but gave up on a Christmas quilt at the end of the Covid year. I am just almost finishing a quilt of large triple star blocks with Delicious fabric by Geri Robinson, another favorite quilt designer. So the house is somewhat settled, and I seem to be able to release my inner stitcher a bit more. All this to say that I overbought fabric, but I am just beginning to really sink in and get to it. Thanks for the inspiration with your A&A quilt. Just seeing someone use it in a year without quilt group and quilt shows is a small flame for the future.


Your Serendipity quilt is very pretty. I've never done a row quilt but that makes me think the 'right' one could be fun to try! I've put aside a lap quilt for a couple weeks to work on my fiber arts group's yearly challenge. Sewing is sewing, right?! And, it feels so normal to be preparing for a deadline to have them exhibited in public!! Stay well!


I haven't made a row by row quilt but it does appeal to me. Wouldn't that be a great way to use up orphan blocks? I keep a plastic container to throw orphans in thinking one day I will use them. ;p

enjoy the lovely weather.

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