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May 27, 2021



Awesome sauce!! :) Rulers that help give me perfect blocks are worth every penny to me. If I am fudging on putting every block together and being off one place makes the next seam off....well, not my idea of fun. I appreciate your tutorial and recommendation.
Have a great, relaxing wknd!

Debbie R.

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. Your perfect blocks are a pleasure to behold.

Mary Kastner

I am totally impressed Nicole. Perfect finish!

Ramona Chester

I have seen this technique, I think first with Carrie Nelson, but I had no idea there was a ruler for it. Thank you for sharing. So much nicer when the blocks turn out correctly!


Thanks for telling us about another helpful quilting tool! Your tutorials are easy to follow & I've used them many times! Stay well!


Wow! I've avoided that block because it looks so tricky but this ruler sure makes it easier. Thanks for the tip.


someone call the doctor....I've just fainted. that block looks amazing. it would take a long time to make an entire quilt of just that one block.

have a lovely visit with your dad. the weather is nice until Sunday.

Sandy Carlson

That ruler is brilliant!! I wish I had the mind that could think of those things! I think that ruler would be worth buying. I like the look of that combination, square and triangles so I think I would use it pretty often. Thanks so much for sharing!


So glad you showed how to use this! I happened to get a free one and was contemplating passing it on. I will definitely bookmark this page when I get ready to use it! Thanks again for another fabulous tip :)

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