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May 10, 2021


Tara Sniedze

I hope you feel better soon Nicole, a thumb injury is so debilitating, and every time you try to do something you're reminded of it.
Hopefully you'll be sewing up a storm in no time!

sue s

So sorry to see that brace. I hope your recovery is quick. I have developed "quilting/laptop/kindle elbow" (just like tennis elbow) and have a series of exercises to do with it, as well as icing. It's my non-dominant arm fortunately but still is a pain to deal with!


I thought at first when I saw the picture there was a serious rotary cutting accident, but as I read on your hurt your thumb. I hope it doesn't take too long for you to recover. I have had minor issues with my thumbs and it is hard to navigate life with a sore thumb! I hope your thumb feels better soon!

Stephani in N. TX

Seems like a good time to rip backing papers and work on room organization when it requires a splint to deal with hand strain and discomfort. But, darn you have been on such a run of quilt making. Sorry if it's intruding and hope it heals quickly. I had some amount of nerve entrapment and found resting it completely was the quickest way to recovery. I did medical typing for a business of my own plus knitting and quilting. Sometimes one hobby was a reprieve for another. You just can't keep a creative soul down for long.


Sorry about the thumb. I know how painful it can be. Have you tried diclofenac gel. It is now over the counter or still prescription. Ice also helps.
Hugs, Pam
P.S. My Summer in Kansas is coming along. All my little triangles are sewn together and ready to be attached to the center triangle block. Boy there are a lot of hst's!

Debbie R.

So sorry to hear about your injury. Hope that it heals quickly and that you're back to quilty things soon.


Ice, too...I am so sorry. Rest, ice, elevation, compression, anti-inflammatories and time.

Carol in Texas

Watch out for Aleve! One blogger is having ulcer agony due to overuse of those pills. I have a crummy stomach and limit myself to Tylenol. Carol in Texas

Mary Kastner

Ouch! That has to hurt. Take it easy for a few days and hopefully you will heal fast!

Patty Fowl

Ouch!! There is an injury called Gamekeepers not sure if that might be where your injury lies. Hope your thumb recovers soon! Sounds like a great opportunity to read or peruse through quilting books to plan your next projects!! Get Well Soon!


Ouch! Not only do we find out how much we use our thumbs, but we also find out how creative we can be with work arounds. Weeding has giving my thumb a twinge the last couple of days. I'm looking forward to seeing your organization efforts.


Ouch! It hurt just seeing your first photo! It's going to take some time to heal, so maybe try reading OR how about patting Ozzie??? 🐶 He'll appreciate the extra time with you! 🐶 See there? I've solved your problem! Stay well!


oh, fudge! I am sympathetic to your pain and predicament. I hope you feel better soon.

Robby H.

I'm sorry to learn you're injured, but relieved I didn't have to read about a rotary cutter incident. (insert shiver here) Managing without a thumb really helps you see how we separated from some of the rest of the creatures, doesn't it? Hope you're better soon.


Yikes! Hope you are doing better!


I too am in a brace due to a fall. What a pain! In my case it is my left hand and I am left handed! I feel you pain regarding the toothbrush, etc. Hope you heal quickly. That opposable thumb is really what does separate us from much of the animal kingdom!

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