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May 24, 2021



Hmm, I have an America’s Test kitchen cookbook but not that one. I will have to check it out. There is a woman who bakes Desserts for Two as well. I purchased one of her books and love them. My husband LOVES carrot cake though I’m not a fan. I can make him a 6 “ cake which gives him 4 generous serving. There are recipes on her website of the same name forr 6 cookies and 4-6 muffins. Check it out!


Your flowers look good, it's going to be a lovely mini. Thanks for the link.

Robby H.

Glad your dad enjoyed his stuffed pepper. Not to equate your dad with our cat, but our cat really started eating less when she had a tooth problem. Once that was solved, she had her old appetite back. Perhaps there is something similar going on and any related discomfort has contributed to his diminished appetite? I saw this book at Costco, and now I guess I should take a serious look at it. Thanks for the tip.


Those yellow flowers are adorable! My husband recently started two beehives, so wouldn't that be a cute topper around here this summer? I may have to do that! I'm sorry to hear about your dad losing those teeth, but that may explain why he was preferring soup the past while. Parents are a worry, but a privilege to care for when they're aging. Hats off to you & your sisters & family for doing what you do for your dad! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

It is always nice to hear about your Dad. IT makes me smile. You are blessed to have him. Have a good week Nicole.


omg! he lost 4 teeth? poor guy. :( I'm glad you had another lovely weekend with your dad.

Leota Krantz

I too have the one from America’s Test Kitchen and love it. Their books are always accurate and turn out well for me.

Stephani in N. TX

I like the idea for a cookbook for two, one to eat now and one for later in the week. Can't recall the last cookbook I bought. My Joy of Cooking is spattered and worn. Maybe time for something new. No magazines tho, too many ingredients I couldn't keep for long enough. I was with my Dad some in FL the year he passed away at 97. He was the size of a lil chick and ate healthy still, but very small amounts. So grateful to have my parents till I'm older myself.


Your flowers are so cute! Can't wait to see it finished! I wish my appetite would let me have leftovers :)

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