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May 17, 2021



Praying for the perfect recipes that he will like & are super easy for you! :)


Have you tried making Chicken and Dumplings for your dad? I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it. Bless you and your sisters for all you do for him.


Pre-pandemic, I prepared lunch once a month for many years for some of the most elderly members of our church. Several of them commented that they just don't have the appetite they used to, but they always eat more when they come to lunch. I think a lot of it is having company to share the meal with. BUT, they've also commented that the smell of my baking bread makes their mouth water. We always have a bread basket and I do try to time the bread so the aroma is strong when they arrive and the bread is hot when served. Rhodes frozen dinner rolls are super easy to pull out the number you want to make fresh baked rolls. I sometimes fancy them up with a quick toss in garlic butter and and sprinkle with parmesan after they're baked. It's just as easy to give them a quick drizzle of oil (or pan spray) and sprinkle on Italian herbs or seeds or even flaky salt to make them not exactly the same each time. I've even got a method for making them into a cinnamon butterflake roll. Might be worth a try for your dad, and aside from planning ahead a little, not much work. I do prefer to thaw them in the fridge overnight, but the counter thawing works reasonably well.


I fixed your chicken noodle casserole recipe yesterday for a friend who had family coming for a funeral. It's my go-to & when it's doubled that makes plenty to keep for us, too! Would that be something you could take to your dad's for a weekend meal? The bee fabric is very tempting...we recently acquired two hives so it seems appropriate! Stay well!

Kerry L

I too fell down the rabbit hole and bought a layer cake of Spring Brook. It’s very pretty! Glad you had a nice weekend with your dad. He is a lucky guy!

Mary Kastner

The weekends with your Dad are well spent IMHO and you will treasure them for many years to come. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and find some time for yourself-maybe a little stitching?



I like Robby. Never met her but her thoughtfulness and kindness for her community makes me like her. Also, she times the bread so that the aroma entices her seniors to eat!

Honestly, if your dad is eating I wouldn't worry about it. Stick with what works. That is my unsolicited advice for the day. :P

Susan Ramey Cleveland

THanks for the link. Love that cute pattern.

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