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June 25, 2021



Glad to hear your sight is coming along and think it took me a week or so before I totally was seeing clearly....good to hear this. Really like this block and thanks for the review on the the ruler. I am sometimes hesitant to buy speciality rules to use only once or twice but this one interests me so just might get...blocks are looking good !


So glad you are doing well enough to sew!

Peggy Barcelona

I just finished "reading" Project Hail Mary because of your recommendation. I want to say a big thank you for recommending it. I loved it! It was competely out of my comfort zone, I never read science fiction but I am so glad I did this time. I actually listened on audiobook and I have to say the narrator was exceptional. I probably would have given up on the book except for his wonderful narrating. Again, thank YOU and please keep letting us know what you find that is great!


Looks like it works well. I have been working on a rocky road to Kansas quilt out of my strings.
Tmplates sure would have helped. My strings stash didn't seem to go down a bit!


Your product & book reviews are always very honest & helpful. Thanks for sharing those rulers & your pretty blocks! Happy to hear you're already noticing a difference in your eyesight! That's encouraging for those of us who will be having the surgery in the future. Have a good weekend!

Mary Kastner

Good to hear you are feeling OK. I have been thinking about you.



That Tussie Mussie block would make an amazing quilt all on its own. Enjoy the weekend.

Lisa D.

I was just contemplating buying this ruler. It looks pretty cool. Thank you for your thoughts about it!


Out of curiosity did you sew the triangles to the wrong sides? It looks like a cool tool, thanks for showing us.


Looks like a great tool and you sure made some pretty blocks! Glad you are feeling better!

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