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June 01, 2021



Wow, you have had a lot on your plate! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as you navigate his cancer. I do hope that you get that uninterrupted quilting time this deserve it!


I hope that you do get those chunks of time quilting - it is so refreshing when we can! My thoughts are with you and your husband as you navigate this cancer journey - I know it isn't easy! Remember to take time for the fun little things - a special coffee, watching the birds, laughing with your granddaughter - we must grab all those moments when we can! Blessings to you ❤️

Claire S. Drake

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

Janet S

Prayers to your husband and you. Obviously, you are very strong and dedicated to your family and their well being. Take time to replenish yourself. The warm weather will help.


OH my goodness!! I am so glad to know the radiation treatments are finishing, and hope all is proceeding very well. A very busy lady, indeed...your quilt is lovely!

Nancy L Buennemeyer

Prayers for you and all you have to cope with. You are an inspiration of accomplishment despite the trials. And you are a reminder that none of us are alone. We all share some of the burdens of life and life in a pandemic. Lots of good advice - be sure to take care of you. I hope the summer holds all the promises of rest and healing.


Oh Nicole! I'll be praying for your husband; who doesn't have someone in their family this awful disease has touched. So glad his spirits are up; I think it really helps in the healing.

Will pray for you as well. This is always difficult. So glad you have a wonderful hobby to help keep your mind positive.


Nicole, my heart & thoughts are with you & your family as you navigate such a difficult time. Be sure to care for yourself, so that you have the strength for everyone else.

Linda Kay Smith

I'm so impressed with all that you've been juggling. I hope your husband will have great success with his treatment. Enjoy some slower time to sew.


I will be thinking of you often and hoping that your loved ones are doing well. Life does throw us some curve balls at times and you have faced many things with courage and grace. You are a source of inspiration for us all, so please take care of yourself as you care for everyone else. And your quilt is amazing!

Arrowhead Gramma

Prayers for your husband as he travels on his journey towards good health again. Take care and stay strong.


Extra, extra prayers for you, your husband and your family. I agree - you do need some large blocks of time for sewing. It will help.

Gloria Y

I am sorry to read that your husband has cancer; you are juggling a lot at this time. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please find time for yourself.

sharon tucker

Big hugs to you. I'm so glad you see some "me" time for yourself in the next few months. The world has come so far with cancer treatments and I hope that your DH is the recipient of these bright minds working in Health and Science. And summer vacation time will ease up the home schooling. ps LOVE the quilt, it is spectacular.


Prayers and hugs. I am so sorry that you have to ride that roller coaster of emotions that is driven by cancer. From one who knows. More hugs, Pam


With all that going on, you certainly have some me-time coming! I hope all continues well with your husband and you are able to have a terrific summer.


oh my goodness. you probably haven't slept in weeks due to worry. I'm so glad your husband can stay with family while going through radiation. I hope he bounces back quickly once it is all done.

2020 was rough. 2021 has got to redeem itself.

Kerry L

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Your plate is overflowing.... I hope you get some respite this summer and recharge your batteries! Sending good thoughts to you and yours!💕

Stephani in N. TX

So glad to hear that relief is coming your way, for yourself and your husband. Trials by fire are so difficult but have sa way of making you stronger. Wishing ya'll the best.

Sue S

So sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Good thoughts being sent your husband's way. I don't know about you but at times like this I am thankful to have a passion like quilting to keep my mind off worries, even for short periods of time. I hope you are caring for your self as well. Thank you for taking the time to blog at such a stressful time in your lives. Sending healing prayers your way.

sue s

Our fellow quilters are giving you good advice along with their thoughts and prayers. We are behind you!

Taria Wilson

Golly I am sorry to hear about your husband. I'm sending my prayers for your family. My heart goes out to you. Hoping the sewing gives you the down time you need from everything to recharge. Don't forget to take care of you too. Hugs and well wishes from So. Cal


Wishing you a much happier June too. What a time you've been having lately. You've been carrying some big loads.


I missed reading blogs yesterday, so am catching up here. You really have been carrying a lot, and I'm glad some sort of break is in sight. Best wishes for your husband's health. Be sure an give yourself some extra time, sleep, good food to be able to enjoy the upcoming summer. (After a long stressful period, my immune system sometimes crashes on me, thus the nosy words of advice there.) Here's to more sewing, more relaxing and fewer health concerns over the summer.

Kathie Laposata

I will be thinking of you and your husband. My husband and I are going through the same thing, and being only 5 minutes from the hospital has been a blessing. On Friday he starts immunotherapy since surgery and radiation haven't completely eliminated his cancer. I have great hope on this last treatment.

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