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June 01, 2021



So sorry you're going through all this! It sure does seem when it rains it pours! Luckily you have such a good support group to get you through it. I know having a small portable project to take with me helps alleviate some stress. Hang in there. Hugs and prayers.

Debbie R.

You are dealing with a lot. Please know that we're all thinking of you. Sending best thoughts to you and your husband. I hope the treatments are successful, and that when they are done he regains his health. Wishing you all the best, and hoping that you have an easy, healthy, carefree summer with lots of time to relax, to enjoy family, and to sew! Take care of yourself!


Your changes truly make the quilts uniquely you! I liked the sewing machine block but am not participating in any sew alongs, my list of WIPS is enormous just now...
Sorry to hear of your husband's cancer. Cancer sucks!


Faith, family, prayer and positivity has kept me going through my 3 year battle with cancer. Radical surgery (removal of 3/4 of my tongue) and radiation got rid of the first tumor, but a rogue node got loose creating 2 more tumors uner my chin and under my clavical. A second round of radiation and chemo didnt phase them. Radiation and chemo was no longer an option. So, one year ago I entered a trial with 2 immunotherapy drugs. The chin tumor disappeared in 3 months. The clavical tumor was originally 4.5 cm. Scans every three months showed sustantial decreases in it's size. My most recent scan this week....0.3 cm. So all that said, yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Faith, family, prayer and positivity will see you down the track. My prayers go out to your husband. Stay positive. For Kathie Laposata: I pray your husband's immunotherapy treatment is as successful as mine has been. God Bless everyone. PS: I have been making custom quilts like crazy for family members...probably a subconscious legasy issue I have. Lol. But I absolutely Love Love Love your Moda 3 quilt. My favorite colors. You're awesome!

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